Golf tips

Choose putting style

Whether you push the disc toward the basket or focus on spinning it, make sure you pick the way you want to putt. For more putting info, check out our post, “The 12 Best Disc Golf Putting Tips for Beginners.”

Putt with the right stance

You can either put with both feet side by side (inline stance) or one foot in front of the other (offset stance). Whatever you do, make sure you love the way you putt.

The Putting “Handshake

One of the best tips for putting is to try to putt as straight as you can with your hand ending up in a “handshake.”

Play how you want to

I know you want to learn, but make sure you play the game how you want to. Throw extra discs and forget the score if you want to. Take mulligans and rethrow if that’s how you get better. Whatever you do, do not take the last tip for granted…

Buy a real basket for practice

Why not grab a real basket for some backyard practice? There are about 10 different cheap options, but the best and most mobile basket is the Innova DISCatcher Traveler Target (link to Amazon). I’ve got 2 great posts that stress the importance of buying a personal basket. Check them out below:

  • The #1 Way to Improve Your Disc Golf Game This Year
  • 11 Reasons Why You Need a Disc Golf Basket

Drill #2 – short game

This is a great drill for putting. You and a friend stand about 10 feet from the basket. You both have a disc. Both of you putt. If you all make it, move back another five feet and putt again. If you continue to make it, keep moving back five feet. The first one to miss their putt loses. You can also do this with two discs and as long as you make at least one you can move back. This is a very fun game to play as well. For a huge and awesome post on drills, check out our post, “The 50 Best Disc Golf Drills to Change Your Game Forever.”

Drill #1 – long game

A great drill to improve your long game involves finding a full-length football field. Head out to the 50 or 60 yard line and look out toward the field goal post. The idea of this practice is to try and get your discs straight through the two posts. Once you start nailing your shots from 50 yards, go to 60 yards. After 60 yards, go to 70 yards. Once you can nail your shots from 100 yards out (300 feet to a disc golfer), you’re ready to play more competitively.

Practice in the wind/inclement weather to get better and be prepared

If you were able to read our last post about mastering disc golf in the wind, one of the things I mentioned was that playing in bad weather can help you get better. Playing in poor conditions can help you crush your rounds because of how smarty and careful you have to play.

Always know the direction of the wind

Understanding the direction of the wind will help you know exactly what discs you need to use and when. For a great in-depth guide on the subject, check out our post, “Mastering Disc Golf in the Wind: A Beginner’s Guide.”

Always check the weather before rounds

Checking the weather can help you not get stuck out in a hurricane. Or it can help you bring an umbrella in case it does rain. If it does start raining, check out our post, “How to Play Disc Golf in the Rain.”