Golf tips

Spend Extra Time On Your Short Game

While we all know how fun it is to spend the day at the driving range, your short game is just as important. In fact, it may be more important than your long game. One of the most important golf tips and tricks is to focus first on your weak points. This includes getting your ball out of sand traps, putting uphill/downhill, around trees, and more. It’s great if you can use your driving clubs to get the ball as close as possible to the hole. However, you need to be competent once you get on the green to get the ball in the hole in as few strokes as possible.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Finally, one of the most important golf tips and tricks is to simply put time into your craft. In the same way that an artist won’t improve if they don’t’ draw and paint, golfers can’t improve if they don’t practice. And yes, despite what we said earlier, this does include going to the driving range regularly. You can’t always control the weather on your big golf days. Therefore, we recommend practicing your long drives in various weather conditions. You need to be able to adapt to things like rain, wind speed, and more.

Learn How to Stay Calm and Focused

Let’s be honest, golf can be an incredibly frustrating game. It’s one of the most technically demanding sport out there. It’s often said that perfecting your golf game is impossible – all you can do is improve. As such, you need to learn how to keep your cool on the golf course. Not every shot is going to go your way. However, the more frustrated you get, the more your game is going to fall apart. We recommend learning some breathing techniques to help you calm down on the fly.

Bring the Right Golf Apparel

One of the best parts of golf is dressing for the game. It’s not just a fashion statement. Golf apparel is all about functionality and performance. Adidas shoes designed specifically for golf, for example, will help you grip the turf and maintain traction during your swings. Just as importantly, it can prevent you from falling and injuring yourself when walking uphill on wet, grassy slopes.

Make sure you rest

I’m a huge advocate for rest after a workout. I know all too well that you can injure your body if you don’t rest. Even if you only played 9 holes, go home and ice your arm, drink a protein shake, and relax for a few hours. Then be sure to get a decent amount of sleep. Sleep is where your body will recover the most. So shoot for at least 6 hours or more per night.

Exercise and build your strength

Disc golf itself is a great workout (as long as you don’t sit down at every hole). You should also strive to get into shape so that you can get better at disc golf. Hit the gym a couple times a week so that you can build your strength and your stamina. For an awesome disc golf workout, check out our post, “The 12 Best Disc Golf Exercises to Keep You Fit.” That post can really help you start crushing it on the course. If you want to build your core strength, check out, “The Only Disc Golf Core Workout You’ll Ever Need,” here on our site.

Use your whole body when you play

Disc golf isn’t just about tossing a disc with you arm. It involves every part of your body including your head, neck, shoulders, arms, core, legs, and feet. I know it seems kind of crazy to think about, but if you watch the pros, you will see how to really use your whole body to play.

Become more physically flexible

You don’t have to know how to do the splits, but for those shots where you really need to step out to throw it around a tree, you have to be somewhat flexible. Click here to check out a great article for becoming more flexible called, “The 21 Best Stretching Exercises for Better Flexibility.” You can also check out our post dedicated to helping you stretch and become more flexible in disc golf, “The 17 Best Disc Golf Stretches to Improve Your Game.”

Watch professional disc golf on YouTube

Just playing rounds will not make you an elite player. That starts with checking out the best on YouTube. You can watch the latest and greatest compete all over the world, all while chillin’ at home. This level of competition can get you to really think about how you play and where you want to take this new hobby. Click here to watch Jomez Productions, Youtube’s leading disc golf coverage provider. You can also check out the following channels on YouTube for pro disc golf round coverage:

  • The SpinTV
  • Central Coast Disc Golf

Get a disc golf cart

You can buy one or build one. Once you start crushing some rounds, start thinking about a pull behind cart that holds your discs. It’s easy to manage and can help you conserve much needed energy for your round. Check out’s selection of disc golf carts here on their site.