Golf tips

Invest in better discs

Whenever you start to see improvement, start buying some better plastic. The starter kits work for your first 10-20 beginner rounds, but soon you’ll need some better gear.

  • The Dynamic Discs Sheriff is amazing for those who still have a lot to learn.
  • The Innova Atlas is a fantastic mid-range that almost got me 3 aces in my first two rounds with it (just missed).
  • The Westside Discs Harp is a great putt and approach disc that will help you nail those putts.

Invest in miscellaneous needs

Okay, so you don’t need anything more than some discs in order to play. But let’s be honest, once you get addicted to disc golf, you’ll need some extra stuff to improve different parts of your game. The following links will take you to Amazon so that you can grab a few of these items.

  • The Dynamic Discs disc golden retriever. This is a simple disc retriever that can grab your disc out of the water.
  • Sunscreen for those blazing hot days
  • Bug spray for bugs and ticks
  • Birdie bag for dry hands
  • Disc golf towel to help dry off hands and discs
  • Baseball/hockey puck for knocking discs out of trees. Disc golfer Kona Panis has a quick video on a couple of things that she keeps in her bag. Check them out here on her YouTube channel. You can also check out our post, “How to Build the Ultimate Disc Golf Bag,” for more information.

Cold towels and heat packs

We all play disc golf through the heat and through the cold so make sure to be prepared for the weather. Why limit yourself to just moderate temperatures. I know I don’t. To combat the weather extremes of your area, try buy a couple cooling towels or heat packs. Hot hands (the small heat packs) are a staple in my life (link to Amazon), through winter parades, sports, and other outdoor activities. You can find really good deals on Amazon. Cooling towels are really awesome, too. You can find them pretty cheap on Amazon as well.

Buy a good pair of shoes

Whether you’re playing disc golf or any other type of sport, you need a good pair of shoes to get you through. I’d say get whatever is most comfortable and will help you not slip out on the course. I’m a fan of New Balance tennis shoes and Merrell sport hiking shoes. The hiking shoes provide the most grip, but any good pair of tennis shoes or outdoors shoes is fine. Check out our disc golf shoe recommendations here

Take care of your discs

This is a little tougher, especially with pesky trees always in the way to scuff up discs. I just wrecked my beloved Dynamic Discs Sheriff on one yesterday and it has a nice big scratch in it now. I’m not saying sit there and polish your discs. Just make sure every once in a while that you take a rag and some water and clean the mud, dirt, and grime off. Take pride in your disc collection.

Carry your bag, an extra bag, or some discs in your car for quick rounds

Taking your game to the next level is no easy feat, but one way to do so is to keep extra discs with you or in your car at all times. Maybe not your best discs, so that they don’t melt in heat, but just some discs you can throw if you ever find yourself with 30 minutes of free time near a disc golf course (lunch break?). Why not grab a cheap starter set to keep in your car?

Take a lot of water

Even when it’s cold out, I still carry a good amount of water. You need it so that you don’t become dehydrated. You especially need it when it starts getting hot outside. Check out our post on, “How to Play Disc Golf in the Heat,” for a good bit on why water is needed in disc golf. So drink up!

Make sure your bag is stocked

Whenever you go out on the disc golf course, you need a few essential items and some things that can help you on the course. Things like your discs (duh), drinks, snacks, sunscreen, sharpies (to mark those aces), and many other items. If you’d like to check out a good post on building your bag, check out, “How to Build the Ultimate Disc Golf Bag.”

Get a disc golf bag to help you organize

First off, you don’t need a disc golf bag. It’s not a mandatory thing required to play like discs. But a disc golf bag can be a really awesome convenience for you on the course. If you want to go cheap, you can either use a backpack or a backsack to hold your discs. That gets super annoying so I suggest getting something relatively inexpensive and good quality. I found that in the the Dynamic Discs Trooper Backpack. It was $40 bucks, it holds almost 20 discs, and it has multiple extra pockets for snacks, drinks, keys, phones, and anything else you may need. I highly recommend it. You can also check out all of my disc golf bag recommendations here.

Always mark your discs

Please make sure that you always mark your discs before you play with them. You need to put at least your first name and a phone number on each disc so that someone can reach you if it gets lost. I’ve found three discs this year with no names and am happy to say I have three new discs in my bag. If they had names I would’ve returned them. I’ve also returned three discs this year with names and numbers on them. So mark them. It’s always your favorite disc that ends up getting lost. Get some sharpies here and keep them in your bag.