Golf tips

Go to a professional disc golf tournament

If you haven’t ever been to a professional or semi-professional disc golf tournament, now is the time to check one out. It’s a very different atmosphere as pros battle for trophies and cash. You can also get some crazy good deals from disc manufacturers and maybe even a free disc or two. Check out the 2020 PDGA National Tour Schedule here on

The rule of six (discs)

Everybody hates losing discs, but it inevitably happens. So, out on the course, I have a rule. I carry at least six discs at all times (two drivers, two mid-range, and two putters). I do this so that I’ll always have a backup disc if I lose one.

Use floating discs for water holes

If you don’t have a floating disc, get one. My Innova Dragon is freaking awesome as a drive plus it floats. Check out the current price here on

Only play with bright colored or unnatural colored discs

Hopefully, you’ve been able to read, “The Beginner’s Guide to Finding Lost Disc Golf Discs.” If you haven’t, here’s a quick takeaway – do not use natural, earth-colored discs when you play. Only use unnatural colors (like pink and orange for example) so that your discs are easy to find.

Play doubles or single doubles

A great way to play with a little less stress is through doubles play or single doubles play. This type of play is also called captain’s choice or best shot. If you’re by yourself, throw two discs. Your next throw is from your best throw. If you’re with someone else, both of you throw. Whatever throw was better determines where you both throw next. Check out our complete doubles guide here. has also has a quick guide to doubles play that you can read here on their website.

Throw discs that help you get to the basket

This is yet another really simple tip that I wish I would’ve heard when I first started playing. Make sure you are always throw discs that help you get to the basket. If you throw a disc that consistently turns too much or flies out of bounds, try something different.

Throw discs that feel good to you

Something simple that really progressed my disc golf game was this really simple tip – make sure you’re throwing discs that feel good to you. You should only throw discs that you like to hold and like to throw. I recently just bought an Innova Atlas two-piece disc (link to and I absolutely love how it feels. I still have yet to ace any holes, but I came close to hitting two in a row during my last round. That disc is awesome. You should check it out. You can find it for around 17 bucks on Amazon,, or

Don’t use overstable discs at first

Overstable discs are for more advanced players and tend to turn way too quickly. Plus, most are designed to be thrown very fast. If you play with an overstable disc as a beginner, you will begin to develop poor technique to overcompensate for the way the disc curves. If you’re a newer player, check out our complete list of discs for beginners here: “37 Best Disc Golf Discs For Beginners (You Need These)”

Learn basic rules and terminology

Somebody once told me, “learn as much as you can, as soon as you can…that’s how you become successful.” That’s always stuck with me and I decided to apply it to disc golf. Learn all the rules and terminology you can fast so that you can keep up with advanced players as they give quick tips. You can access the Professional Disc Golf Association’s rulebook here. If you’d like to learn disc golf terminology, you can check out our extensive terminology guide here.

Learn the innova flight ratings system

Learning this flight ratings system can be a tremendous help when learning how to get better at disc golf. It’s a simple four number system that you can check out at You can also read our quick guide on flight ratings called, “What Do the Numbers on a Disc Golf Disc Mean?” You can learn about each flight rating individually here on our site:

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