Golf tips

Learn about overstable and understable

Understanding the difference between an overstable, stable, and understable discs will help you learn how the disc is meant to fly. It will also help you understand what discs to use at different expertise levels. For example, beginners should only use understable to stable discs because of how the the disc flies at certain speeds. Our Disc Golf Stability Guide should be able to help you understand stability. You can also check out this simple explanation of Overstable vs. Understable by Best Disc Golf Discs on YouTube in the video below. Link to video above.

Learn about hyzer and anhyzer throws

Learning the difference between hyzer and anhyzer throws is very important when deciding on how you’re going to approach each hole. We wrote a good reference post to this called, “What’s the Difference Between a Hyzer and an Anhyzer?” That post should help you understand the subject a little bit better. For an easy video tutorial, you can see check out Merle Witvoet’s video below. Link to video above on YouTube.

Read The Beginners Guide to Finding Lost Disc Golf Discs

This awesome guide can help you understand what you need to do to avoid losing your discs and can help you find them if they get lost. You can find our guide, “The Beginner’s Guide to Finding Lost Disc Golf Discs,” here.

Have a warm up routine before each shot

Having a pre-throw warmup routine can really help you with consistency. If you do the same routine time and time again, you will start getting used to your throws and you will start getting better.

Have a throwaway disc for those ridiculous holes

Ever seen a hole with tall brush to the right, woods to the left, water before the basket, and a swamp behind it? I’m sure everybody has seen something similar. But for holes like this, you need a couple throwaway discs just in case you lose a disc. Grab a cheap DX disc like this Leopard here on to throw in your bag for crazy holes.

Slow discs equal more control

Quick thought for you. The slower the speed of a disc is, the more control you have. Think about it. I Regularly use my Westside Discs Harp putt and approach (link to to play full rounds with. I focus on accuracy, control, and good technique while I play with this disc and it always seems to help.

Record yourself

Back in my high school sports heyday, I played a very competitive level of baseball and recording myself always helped me look at little mistakes to see where I could get better. I do this pretty regularly now with disc golf and I always try to fix flaws (which there are a lot of). You can take these recordings and watch them or place them on social media to get feedback from other disc golfers.

Have a friend evaluate you

Having someone watch you and observe what you’re doing good and bad is a great way to learn how to improve. Me and one of my good friends always subconsciously do this to each other when we play. We don’t do it to be mean, but to help each other watch out for what not to do.

Positive mindset

I’m all about the positive mindset. That’s me everyday. But it helps on the disc golf course. Think about how good you’ve done and your best shots so far. Try to think, “yes, I can make that shot,” or, “I’ve got this,” and you will be fine.

Be confident

You can’t play everything perfect, but take pride in your ability to keep improving. Focus on your best shots and be confident that you can make tough shots through trees and other obstacles.