Top 10 Golf tips

Watch some professional disc golf!

From the comfort of your couch, you can watch how the pros play in just about every single professional tournament. By doing this, you’ll be able to watch their strategy, disc selection, and their mindset of how they play each hole and get through each round. You can learn a lot from this and the commentary often gives even more tips and feedback to learn from. YouTube features pretty much all pro disc golf tournaments, including those filmed by the channels below. Check them all out through each respected link: JomezPro Central Coast Disc Golf SpinTV Another way to watch the pros is by going to see a tournament in person. I mean, live tournaments are awesome. If you get a chance to go to one, do it. The atmosphere at the course is electrifying and they really are cool to watch. On top of that, you can get gear for relatively cheap from big name brand and local disc golf suppliers. You can find this year’s pro tour schedule here on

Enter a local tournament

Now that your skills are more refined, it’s time to take it up a notch. You might not feel ready, but you need to start putting some pressure on yourself to improve. It’s time to enter and play your first tournament. This can motivate you and show you the true skill of some players. Plus, players are always willing to help you learn your way on the course. Getting into a tournament can be a great way to improve and get some real competitive experience under your belt. If you’re nervous or you just need some mental motivation for your first tournament, check out my guest post, “Mental Game: Five Tips For Your First Tournament,” on

Always know the direction of the wind

Understanding the direction of the wind will help you know exactly what discs you need to use and when. For a great in-depth guide on the subject, check out our post, “Mastering Disc Golf in the Wind: A Beginner’s Guide.”

Cold towels and heat packs

We all play disc golf through the heat and through the cold so make sure to be prepared for the weather. Why limit yourself to just moderate temperatures. I know I don’t. To combat the weather extremes of your area, try buy a couple cooling towels or heat packs. Hot hands (the small heat packs) are a staple in my life (link to Amazon), through winter parades, sports, and other outdoor activities. You can find really good deals on Amazon. Cooling towels are really awesome, too. You can find them pretty cheap on Amazon as well.

Learn about hyzer and anhyzer throws

Learning the difference between hyzer and anhyzer throws is very important when deciding on how you’re going to approach each hole. We wrote a good reference post to this called, “What’s the Difference Between a Hyzer and an Anhyzer?” That post should help you understand the subject a little bit better. For an easy video tutorial, you can see check out Merle Witvoet’s video below. Link to video above on YouTube.

Attend a disc golf clinic

Search your local courses and hit up google to search for clinics near you. There are also hundreds of clinics on YouTube that you can watch. The wealth of knowledge is great, but make sure you put all of that into action so that you can improve.

Try out other throws – thumber, hammer, forehand, and rollers

Taking your game to the next level includes learning new throws. Everyone knows the backhand. Most players even know the forehand. But there are other throws like thumbers, hammers, and rollers that allow you to elevate your game. Thumbers are thrown overhead with you thumb underneath the disc’s rim. A hammer is thrown the same way with your index finger underneath the disc’s rim. A roller is a disc that turns quickly and begins to roll as it hits the ground. A roller generally uses the roll for the majority of the shot’s distance. For other shot types, check out our glossary of terms here on our website.

Invest in miscellaneous needs

Okay, so you don’t need anything more than some discs in order to play. But let’s be honest, once you get addicted to disc golf, you’ll need some extra stuff to improve different parts of your game. The following links will take you to Amazon so that you can grab a few of these items.

  • The Dynamic Discs disc golden retriever. This is a simple disc retriever that can grab your disc out of the water.
  • Sunscreen for those blazing hot days
  • Bug spray for bugs and ticks
  • Birdie bag for dry hands
  • Disc golf towel to help dry off hands and discs
  • Baseball/hockey puck for knocking discs out of trees. Disc golfer Kona Panis has a quick video on a couple of things that she keeps in her bag. Check them out here on her YouTube channel. You can also check out our post, “How to Build the Ultimate Disc Golf Bag,” for more information.

Find a mentor or someone better to play against

I love mentors. And I also love the challenge of playing people that are better than you in a certain sport. Mentors in disc golf are usually older, wiser, more experienced players who have been crushing it on the course for years. These players know technique, strategy, and everything else in between. You need a mentor for a lot of reasons but mainly because there’s really only so much you can learn on the internet. You need real life experience with a person who’s made mistakes and can help you learn from them. If you cant find a mentor, just find someone that’s better than you that can teach you the game. That competition will help you improve your game and help you get to the level where you can start to be that better player/mentor for other players. For more, check out my post, “7 Reasons You Need a Mentor in Disc Golf.”

Have a throwaway disc for those ridiculous holes

Ever seen a hole with tall brush to the right, woods to the left, water before the basket, and a swamp behind it? I’m sure everybody has seen something similar. But for holes like this, you need a couple throwaway discs just in case you lose a disc. Grab a cheap DX disc like this Leopard here on to throw in your bag for crazy holes.