Top 10 Golf tips

Practice in the wind/inclement weather to get better and be prepared

If you were able to read our last post about mastering disc golf in the wind, one of the things I mentioned was that playing in bad weather can help you get better. Playing in poor conditions can help you crush your rounds because of how smarty and careful you have to play.

Learn about overstable and understable

Understanding the difference between an overstable, stable, and understable discs will help you learn how the disc is meant to fly. It will also help you understand what discs to use at different expertise levels. For example, beginners should only use understable to stable discs because of how the the disc flies at certain speeds. Our Disc Golf Stability Guide should be able to help you understand stability. You can also check out this simple explanation of Overstable vs. Understable by Best Disc Golf Discs on YouTube in the video below. Link to video above.

Positive mindset

I’m all about the positive mindset. That’s me everyday. But it helps on the disc golf course. Think about how good you’ve done and your best shots so far. Try to think, “yes, I can make that shot,” or, “I’ve got this,” and you will be fine.

If other throws don’t work at first, try again

You won’t ever perfect any of those previous shots in one round. It’s impossible. So don’t give up on those shots. I learned to love thumbers after I started and still have trouble with my forehand. But I haven’t given up on learning those shots. Every shot and every round gives me an opportunity to get better.

Invest in better discs

Whenever you start to see improvement, start buying some better plastic. The starter kits work for your first 10-20 beginner rounds, but soon you’ll need some better gear.

  • The Dynamic Discs Sheriff is amazing for those who still have a lot to learn.
  • The Innova Atlas is a fantastic mid-range that almost got me 3 aces in my first two rounds with it (just missed).
  • The Westside Discs Harp is a great putt and approach disc that will help you nail those putts.

Learn the innova flight ratings system

Learning this flight ratings system can be a tremendous help when learning how to get better at disc golf. It’s a simple four number system that you can check out at You can also read our quick guide on flight ratings called, “What Do the Numbers on a Disc Golf Disc Mean?” You can learn about each flight rating individually here on our site:

  • What is Speed in Disc Golf?
  • What is Glide in Disc Golf?
  • What is Turn in Disc Golf?
  • What is Fade in Disc Golf?

The rule of six (discs)

Everybody hates losing discs, but it inevitably happens. So, out on the course, I have a rule. I carry at least six discs at all times (two drivers, two mid-range, and two putters). I do this so that I’ll always have a backup disc if I lose one.

Use your whole body when you play

Disc golf isn’t just about tossing a disc with you arm. It involves every part of your body including your head, neck, shoulders, arms, core, legs, and feet. I know it seems kind of crazy to think about, but if you watch the pros, you will see how to really use your whole body to play.

Always stretch before you throw

One very important part of your game should be stretching before every round. This is extremely important so that you get loose and don’t hurt yourself when you throw. For a quick video on how to stretch before you play, check out our best disc golf stretches video on Youtube, or check out our our awesome post on stretching, “The 17 Best Disc Golf Stretches to Improve Your Game.”

Record yourself for feedback

Now this next tip is not for the faint of heart. For this tip, you will need to be part of a disc golf community online like Reddit’s r/discgolf group. Join one if not already apart of one. Next, simply record yourself throwing a backhand, forehand, or whatever other kind of throw you’d like people to critique then post it on there. On top of one-half the community ripping you to shreds for everything you’re doing wrong, you should get some good critical feedback to help you improve your form and technique. Also, don’t forget to watch the video yourself. Even if you didn’t feel yourself doing something wrong, you might be able spot a mistake from a side view or from the outsider’s perspective. All of this can help you find little flaws in your game that can help you to improve in a very short period of time (if you take advantage of it). Check out the Reddit r/discgolf community here.