Grade me tips

Use Auto-Update date and Time

Do you have a document that you use again and again by only updating a few key details? If the document includes time and or date, one of the nifty tricks is to allow Word to update the date automatically. To insert a date that updates automatically, follow the procedure below;

  • From the Insert tab, in the Text group, click Date & Time
  • From the Date & Time dialog box, select the format you like.
  • Next, select the Update automatically checkbox. The date will be inserted as a field and will update automatically.

Highlight a Sentence with a Click

To highlight an entire sentence, hold down Ctrl Key + Windows. If you’re are a Mac user, use the Command Key and click on the beginning of the sentence and Word will take care of the rest.

Generate Lorem Ipsum Random Text to Your Document

Do you want to add some random text to your document? Word has you covered. You can do this easily using Microsoft tricks and tips. To do this, type: =lorem (P, I); and replace “P” with the number of paragraphs you want, and “I” with the number of sentences you need. Once you have defined the variable (P, I), hit enter to generate the text. As well, you can use random Office documentation “gobbledygook” as the primary source material for your place filer. To do this, use the equation =rand (P, I).

Determine Your Document Readability Statistics

Apart from judging your spelling and grammar, Word can determine the complexity of writing style. For instance, does your writing style meet the comprehension of the 5th grade of someone with a post-grad degree? Word uses the Flesh Reading Ease test to calculate your score on a 100-point scale. The higher the percentage on the scale, the easier it’s to understand. In most circumstances, Office documentation suggests that the score should be above 60. Besides, the Flesh-Kincaid Grade Level test indicates which US grade level your text is written for; in any scenario, you should always aim for 7.0 to 8.0 according to Microsoft documentation. To activate this feature; follow the procedure below:

  • Go to File > Options
  • Select Proofing
  • Under When correcting spelling and grammar in Word, check the box; Check grammar with spelling.
  • Next select Show readability statistics. After enabling this feature, open a file that you want to check, press F7 or go to Review > Spelling and Grammar. When Word finishes checking grammar and spelling, it displays the information about the reading level of your document.

Start the day with Morning Meeting.

Morning Meeting is an engaging way to connect with your students at the beginning of each day. An objectives and agenda board, along with a morning message, will help your students start off on the right track. For more on morning meetings, check out Responsive Classroom.

Get to know each other with icebreakers.

Get the kids mixing and moving as they get to know one another. Click here- for lots of great ideas, including a free download of this fun icebreaker activity.

Introduce yourself creatively.

Source: Good Choices Good Life If you’re teaching 1st grade, you have the honor of being one of the first teachers a child will meet! Make day one memorable by introducing yourself in a creative way, such as sending postcards over the summer! For 10 creative ideas, click here- 10 Ways To Introduce Yourself.

Set up sensory tables.

Early childhood teachers know that hands-on learning is essential. Sensory play encourages open-ended thinking, language development, collaboration, and builds fine motor skills. Sensory materials are magically both engaging and calming. Here are our favorites!

Fill your classroom library with these classic first grade books.

Here are 50 of our favorites.

Put together an irresistible classroom reading nook.

Your first graders are well on their way to becoming readers, so make this time extra special for them by setting up one of these awesome reading nooks.