Grade me tips

Get a jump start on lessons.

In first grade, teacher planning and prep time are precious! It makes life a lot easier when you can purchase existing lessons, bundles, books, and pages. And why not support other teachers while you do it! Check out our favorite Teacher Pay Teachers sellers for first grade.

Welcome your students with a big, colorful bulletin board.

Source: Doodlebugs Teaching Seeing their names up on the wall will help students instantly feel at home, and the bright colors will create a festive mood in the classroom.

Gather all the supplies.

Not sure what exactly you need for the first grade classroom? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with this list of essential first grade classroom supplies.

Create an inviting classroom.

Need ideas? We’ve gathered real-life first grade classrooms for you to browse!

Establish a culture of kindness.

Print these free, downloadable posters to remind your students that kindness matters most of all.

Teach citizenship.

Source: First Grade Wow Read the story of Johnny Appleseed with your students, then analyze the qualities that make Johnny a good citizen. Help students brainstorm ideas about how they might show these characteristics in the classroom and at home!

Assign jobs.

Give your students ownership of the classroom and teach responsibility by assigning jobs. Remember the saying: Many hands make light work! Here are 38 Flexible, Fun, and Free Classroom Job Charts to choose from.

Use a science journal to teach the seasons.

Source: Today … in First Grade Students will draw trees in each season, describe what they wear during the different seasons, and journal about what makes winter, spring, summer, and fall different as they fill in this science journal.

Try daily STEM challenges.

These STEM challenges are designed with your first graders in mind. Try one each day or each week to get their minds thinking outside the box.

Get hands-on with science.

Science is the perfect subject for kids to get down and dirty. Try these 25 first grade science projects for inspiration.