Grade me tips

Reward positive classroom behavior with fun coupons.

You can print a set here for free.

Using 1000 subtraction rule

Its not just addition, when it comes to maths, its like everything that is related to mathematical is troubling. For example, while subtracting a large number from a thousand, keep note that a person need to subtract the first number from nine and second numbers from nine but except last number. Instead of subtracting the last number from nine, make use of ten while subtracting.

Get the wiggles out.

Even grown-ups can’t sit still and listen all day! Get your kids up and moving with awesome  fourth grade brain breaks .

Encourage Your Child to Ask Their Teacher for Help

Some kids may be timid or afraid to ask their teacher for extra support. Often, they do not want their peers to know that they are struggling to understand that day’s lesson. Encourage your child to spend extra time after class or after school talking to their teacher. They can utilize the time to ask specific questions about practice problems from class or problems they got wrong on their homework. Your child should learn that it’s important to be honest and share how well they did or didn’t understand the lesson. Most teachers are more than happy to work one on one with a curious student – and they usually know an alternative method to explain a problem, even if it’s not their go-to teaching style.

Teach students the art of note-taking.

Fourth grade is a wonderful level for students to begin taking their own notes. Using a handy anchor chart will help remind them of the different approaches to note-taking they can use.

Affirm them daily.

We love this idea of leaving positive sticky notes for kids every day to encourage them and let them know you’re behind them 100 percent!

Establish classroom community in the first days of school with heart maps.

Your fourth graders can express what matters most to them by illustrating and writing in these heart maps. Download a free template from Fourth Grade Lemonade.

Build your students’ social-emotional skills.

Teaching 4th grade means building SEL skills. Use these read-alouds to talk about everything from kindness to courage to trying your best.

Establish a culture of kindness.

Print these free, downloadable posters to remind your students that kindness matters most of all.

Establish an anti-bullying culture from day one with resources from Kid Pointz.

Download free and kid-centric anti-bullying printables from Kid Pointz to help your students understand the importance of avoiding peer pressure and handling bullies constructively. “I also went to the dollar store and got these cute little ‘pledge’ cards that kids can sign at the beginning of the year to pledge that they won’t bully each other and will report bullying when they see it. It’s a great way to start the year!” —Jen B.