Top 10 Grade me tips

Have fun with literacy centers.

We love this big list of ideas for grades K-2.

Microsoft Word Tricks and Tips-Show Hidden Characters

Working on a complex with different columns, styles, and formats; editing can be a tedious exercise. To see what’s going while formatting your document, it’s advisable you make all the invisible marks, including spaces, hard returns, tabs, and soft returns visible. In Windows, you can achieve this by pressing Ctrl + Shift-8; for Mac, use Command-8.

Use a snappy call-and-response to get their attention.

For 27 fun ideas for quieting a noisy class, click here- good attention grabbers.

Use paint chips to inspire sensory poetry.

Let color work its inspiration for your fourth-grade poets. —Fabulous in Fifth. Check out other educational uses for paint chips here!

Start dividing the parts of a subject

In mathematics, there are three parts of the subject and that is simple arithmetic, algorithms and geometry. If a student finds each of the subject tough to understand, then it is better he / she start partitioning them so that he / she can divide equal parts of working time for the each different segment of the subject.

Set up interactive, exciting centers in your classroom.

Having centers, or workstations, in your fourth grade classroom allows students to work independently. “When introducing a new independent activity, I usually do it in small groups first, so when put in the independent stations, they are able to do it without my help.” —Carol V. “I have center folders that students keep their work in, and at the end of the cycle of centers, I grade the work as 100, 80, or 60 based upon what’s done and the quality. I give one center grade for each cycle.” —Gary F.

Get hands-on with science.

Science is the perfect subject for kids to get down and dirty. Try these 25 first grade science projects for inspiration.

Indulging creative ideas

When it comes to mathematical issues, a person needs to maintain a calm approach while solving some mathematical questions. To make that happen a person should start involving some creative ideas to make mathematics fun. Therefore, indulging some creative ideas will help one solve mathematical problems in a better manner. For example, if a person finds difficulty in solving mathematical problems, then they can make use of practical elements to understand the problem better so that they can get the answer.

Introduce yourself creatively.

Make day one memorable by introducing yourself in a creative way, such as sending postcards over the summer! For 10 creative ideas, click here.

Replace Invisible Characters and Formatting.

Find and Replace feature in Word is a lifesaver. It helps you make quick changes without having to peck and hunt for every instance you need to be changed. Besides, you can use the Find and Replace for hidden characters in your document. To find and replace special characters in a document, follow these steps;

  • From the Home tab, in the Editing group, select Replace.
  • Click More >> button
  • Select the Special button, and choose the unique character you want to find and replace.
  • Position the cursor in the Replace with textbox.
  • From the Special button, select the Special character you want to add to the Replace with textbox. Note: You can add more than one particular character to the text box.
  • Ensure all that All option is selected from the Search list box. However, if you want to limit the search text after or before the insertion pointer, select Up or Down options from the Search box.
  • Once done, you can do the following:
  • Confirm each replacement on a one-by-one basis, by using Find Next. Then click Replace to replace the text or Find Next to skip to the next search occurrence. Or
  • Replace all events by clicking Replace All.
  • Once the replace session is completed, a dialog box with how many replacements done will pop up. Click Ok to close the dialog box
  • Click close to end the session.