Horizon tips

Alien invasion

If players are awake on Saturdays at 3:33 a.m, the game has a little secret. If players sit in front of a TV at the right time on the right day, Animal Crossing has a really cool surprise for them - an alien invasion, or so it seems. The aliens will speak their language and perhaps warn players of their impending arrival. It's a really cool and scary feature for players who enjoy that sort of thing.

Demon dogs

In keeping with the scary theme from the first Animal Crossing secret here, this one is also a bit frightening, but cool nonetheless. When players interact with the doghouse furniture item, which is craftable, they are met with frightening red eyes and a ferocious growl.


Perhaps the most popular monster of all-time, Godzilla can be purchased as a "monster statue" from Nook's Cranny. When placed, this statue has an interesting interaction option. The feared Titan can breathe fire when interacted with. This is a really great little Easter egg for fans of Animal Crossing and Warner Brothers' MonsterVerse.

Shopping after hours

While Nook's Cranny closes at 10 p.m. and the Nook boys will kick players out after that, the Able Sisters Tailor Shop does not. Many players might think they close when it becomes closing time, but they won't kick them out at any point.

Fishing after it rains

Fishing after it has rained on the island will increase the chances of finding rare fish. These are great for donating to the museum or bringing in a lot of bells. Fishing after it rains and even while it rains can get players some really rare fish. What are some other secrets, tips and tricks for players to try out in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

The vertical height of a collectable waypoint always matches the vertical height of the objective/item.

I'm not sure if this is well known of if it has been posted before, but if you get one of the maps that tell you where the collectables are (available at the specialty merchants in Meridian) and place a waypoint on where they appear on your map, sometimes it will appear way above ground, other times it will be underground, but it will never appear exactly on top of the item. It will however always sit at the same vertical height of the objective, cutting your search area into a small fraction of what it is originally.

How to use the Tool Belt effectivly.

Holding L1 (weapon wheel) allows you to cycle your tool belt in slow motion. This will make it A LOT easier to make use of resistance potions, health potions and traps in combat.To remain mobile while cycling through your items use dodge while holding L1. This will allow you a little bit of time to change your current item in between dodges. This technique is especially useful with the Long Dodge ability. Hope it helps! I played an embarrassing amount of hours before I realized this...

Notch Arrows faster.

To notch additional arrows you Aim and hit r1To notch faster, Aim, hit r1, and release both...then repeatBy letting go of Aim, you cancel the "notch" animation and gain the additional arrowI do this with precision arrows to get them notched quickly

Treasure Boxes.

If you are worried about inventory space you do not have to retrieve all, or any, of the items in treasure boxes. Once you open a box take out only what you want/need and leave the rest of the items in the box until later.

If your gearbox is set to manual and you’re driving a car with a stick shift, double tapping the upshift/downshift button quickly lets you short shift and skip gears. (Not sure if this is common knowledge)