Horizon tips

You can put away your weapon by hitting L1 and pressing on the right stick.

Just thought I'd let all of you photo guys know just in case you were waiting patiently for Aloy to put away her weapon passively, this should help speed things up (:L1 + press right stick

If you took a break from the game and forgot what you were doing and need a refresher of what's going on, you can go back to the first bonfire at Rost's Camp.

I found this interesting. My first play through, I never went back to the camp. And I quick traveled back to get the metal flower that's nearby. But Rost's grave is there and Aloy will talk about whatever is going on in the main story and about what she needs to do.A very awesome feature!

Carry multiple sets of armor.

Https://imgur.com/a/TZap3Something I learned about halfway through the game is that it is very beneficial to carry multiple sets of different armor. Any time you are about to engage in a fight, scan the machine first to see what their strength is, then switch to the according armor. I've found that the main types are electric and frost, so I bought those first. Eventually I also bought the other elemental types and the melee/ranged defense armor. Also, the Nora silent hunter armor is excellent, easily my most worn armor. My last little tip is that you should check your armor and weapon mods frequently to see if you might have picked up something that works better without realizing it!

Combining the 3x Skill XP Perk with Skills Boost HE Cars gives you insane amounts of XP

Change your HUD setting to dynamic.

It makes this game so cinematic, and doesn't impede game play like it does on some games.

You can use the touch pad for the hud and the map.

A light tough on the touch pad wakes the HUD if you have it on forget it mode and a click on the touch pad opens the map. I hope this post is long enough! Cheers

Try the Indian Food

The menu in the main dining room almost always has an Indian dish on it. But if you want to try something special, request a full Indian dinner in the main dining room. You’ll be in for a real treat… and a feast.

The Main Dining Room Can (sometimes) Accommodate Special Requests

Were you having dinner at the Pig & Anchor the night the Main Dining Room had escargot on the menu? If you’re in the MDR the next night, ask your waiter if it’s possible to get an order. They won’t always be able to make it happen, but when it’s possible, they’ll do it. Two of my favorites — escargot and bitters and blanc — were served in the dining room the evening I was eating at the Steakhouse. The next night, when my server discovered how disappointed I was, he put in a request and, much to my surprise, the kitchen totally came through. It won’t always be possible, but it never hurts to try. (And hey, if it does? Make sure to slip your server a little something extra.)

Try Snagging a Table at Teppanyaki for Lunch

Picture it: You get on the ship and try making a dinner reservation at Bonsai Teppanyaki, only to find out it’s fully booked. Well, never fear, because you still might have a shot… if you’re willing to switch those dinner plans to lunch on a sea day. The menu and experience is exactly the same as the evening seating, so you wont’ be missing out on a thing. And if this was something someone in your party really, really wanted to experience, you might just wind up saving the day.

Look for My Secret Spot

I’m not going to tell you exactly where to find the area pictured above, but I will say that it is tucked away on deck 14. I’ve been a pretty regular visitor to this particular spot, and only twice did I see anyone else there. It’s a little tricky to find, but once you do, you’ll thank me. It’s quiet, comfy and has beautiful, unrestricted views of the ocean.