Horizon tips

You Can Earn Free Coffee

When you head to the coffee shop for that first caffeine kick of the trip, make sure to ask for a punch card. After you’ve bought six coffees, the seventh is free. If you left the card in the room, no worries… ask for another. Bring them both back later, and they’ll combine your punches onto one card for you.

Bring a European Converter for Another Plug

American appliances run on 110 volts, while European voltage is 220. Most staterooms on Carnival Horizon have two 110 volt outlets and one European outlet in the room, along with two USB plugs (one of which is a rapid charger). And let’s face it: Most of us need more plugs, considering that we tend to bring our phones and computers and cameras and a whole lot of other electronics with us on vacation. My advice? Pick up a European power converter for that third outlet. Sure, if you’re traveling with the whole family you’ll still have more appliances than plugs, but every little bit helps, right?

The SkyBox Sports Bar is Quiet but Fun

I’m not if it’s the location of the sports bar on deck 4 midship or just because there are so many places to go and things to do, but it’s pretty quiet in there during the daytime. (Of course, this is assuming there isn’t some big game on, in which case… this is probably the last place you want to go if you’re looking for a quiet place to hang out.) They also have some pretty comfy seats in here. Meanwhile, if you’re an avid sports fan, they do air most major games here, and they post their airtimes on a digital board just outside the bar.

Do not miss the 80s Party!

I remember reading a while back that 80s music is popular with almost every age group, and when you attend the atrium party featuring music from this decade, you’ll see it’s true. Kids are dancing. Grandma knows the words to every song. Even Dad, who likes to pretend he hates parties like this one, can be seen tapping his feet and bopping his head. I don’t want to give away too much about this “totally tubular” party, but I will say this: Get a seat along the railing for some good people watching. Want to be part of the action? Head down to deck 3 by the atrium bar. The party usually strts around 10:30 p.m., but consult the Fun Times for details… and be ready to have a blast.

Meet the Playlist Productions Cast

If you have a kid who dreams of one day being a performer, imagine how thrilled they’d be to meet the cast and get a picture taken with these wildly talented folks. (Not that kids are the only ones who enjoy this or can take part… lots of people love having a chance to meet the performers who work so hard to keep everyone entertained.) This often happens in the main atrium after the various shows, but keep an eye on the Fun Times for more details.

Horizon’s Wi-Fi is Fast

You can save 15% on your Wi-Fi package if you purchase it before boarding the ship. Once you get on board, you can expect to pay $5 per day for the Social Package, $16 per day for the Value Package, and $26 per day for the Premium Package (which allows video chat). From my experience on Horizon, the internet is a lot faster than I’ve experienced on any other ship in the Carnival fleet. With the Premium Package, I was getting 17 Mbps download speeds on seas days… which, as you probably know, is when a whole lot of people are surfing the net. READ MORE: Carnival’s Wifi Prices and Plans Detailed

Download the Hub App

Carnival has made major improvements to the Hub app over the past few months, and there are still more to come. When first the app was rolled out, it was basically a glorified way to read the Fun Times and chat. Now you can book dining reservations, buy the CHEERS! package, order a pizza, check your account balance, view your photos and set notifications. What was once a borderline useless app is now something that will prove incredibly useful and help you get the most out of your vacation.

Bring Your Own Blow Dryer

More than one guest has told me that the hair dryers in the staterooms are horrible and that if this is something you need, you should definitely consider bringing your own. One even said that the one in her room only pumped out cold air and, as a result, it took forever to dry her hair.

Try the IMAX Theater

Whether you’re looking to escape the heat or maybe find something to do on a rainy day, the IMAX theater is definitely an option worth checking out. For $12.95 per ticket, you can watch movies that are currently in theaters. For a shorter experience, you can also check out the thrill theater.

Head to Deck 5 For Outdoor Space

Speaking of deck 5, it has a lot more seating than could be found on the Carnival Vista. This is primarily due to the fact that Guy’s Pig & Anchor has been relocated to the port side of the ship, leaving the entire starboard side free to be filled with chairs, loungers and daybeds, making it a great place to hit if you’re looking to relax.