Ios tips

Send E.T.A. via Siri

Loving the compact Siri UI in iOS 14? She’s also much smarter. While using the Maps app, simply shout out Hey Siri, Share my ETA with [contact’s name] to quickly share your E.T.A. with a contact.

Bring Up History Stack

Whenever you are buried deep within a native iPhone app (such as Settings), simply long-press the option to go back to bring up the history stack. Then, glide your finger along the stack to jump back pages quickly.

Dismiss Calls Without Rejecting

The compact incoming call notifications in iOS 14 are a huge improvement. But did you know that you could also dismiss calls without rejecting them? Just swipe them upward.

Enable or Disable Precise Location

To improve your privacy, iOS 14 lets you determine whether an app has access to your precise or approximate location. Head over to Settings > Privacy > Location Services to enable or disable Precise Location for installed apps. Just don’t turn off Precise Location for essential apps such as Maps or Find My unless you have a solid reason to do so.

Watch Videos in Picture-in-Picture Mode

Did you know that you could use Picture-in-Picture mode to watch videos while using other apps? While playing a video, just quit to the Home screen to bring it up in Picture-in-Picture mode. You can also watch YouTube videos this way. Here’s a complete guide to using Picture-in-Picture mode on the iPhone.

Use Mentions in Group Messages

Finally, the Messages app lets you use mentions to grab the attention of specific contacts in noisy group chats. Just type @[name] before typing your message.

Translate in Conversation Mode

iOS 14 comes with a new Translate app that allows you to, well, translate languages. However, it also comes with a Conversation Mode that lets you converse with others in real-time. But where is it? Open the Translate app, and then hold your iPhone in landscape view to switch to Conversation Mode.

Notify in Messages

Have a habit of muting group chats? You can still choose to be notified whenever someone mentions you by name. Head over to Settings > Messages, and then turn on Notify Me.

Send Audio Messages via Siri

Did you know that you could record and send voice messages without lifting a finger? Thanks to Siri, you now can. Just say Send an audio message to [Contact Name] to start recording a voice message. Then, say Send.

Set Key Photo for Albums

iOS 14 lets you set any image within an album as the key photo. Simply long-press an image and tap Make Key Photo.