Ios tips

Set Photos App Permissions

Third-party apps no longer need to have complete access to your photos library. Instead, you can restrict them to any particular photo or album. Head over to Settings > Privacy > Photos to manage photo permissions.

Quickly Filter Emojis

Having trouble locating that perfect emoji? After bringing up the emoji keyboard, use the new Search Emoji feature to filter out emojis using common keywords.

Edit Videos in the New Photos App

When you open up the Photos app for the first time, it's going to look a bit different. There are new Years, Months, and Days organizational options you can tap in the main ‌Photos‌ tab. Apple's aim with these new sections is to help you find your best photos so you can relive your memories whenever you want. Editing photos looks different too, but all of the options you're used to are there, with some new editing tools to make your photos look better than ever. You can also edit videos for the first time ever, which is a fun new addition to iOS 13. It works just like editing photos, so it's a simple and quick way to trim down video footage or add cool effects. For more on what's new in the ‌Photos‌ app and how to use all of the new features, make sure to check out our Photos guide.

Use Autoplay in Apple Music

The Music app in iOS 14 now lets you keep the music playing even after the end of a playlist or album. This new Autoplay feature uses tracks from within and outside your library, helping you discover new music. Bring up the Now Playing screen, tap the Up Next icon, and you can choose to either enable or disable Autoplay.

Perform QuickTake Videos

The iPhone 11 series allowed you to shoot videos simply by holding down the Shutter icon. With iOS 14, the QuickTake feature is also available on the iPhone XR and the iPhone XS series. Kudos, Apple!

Translate Websites in Safari

The new Translate app aside, Safari also lets you translate foreign websites directly while viewing them. To do that, bring up the Safari’s aA menu, and then tap Translate to English.

Disable Share Sheet Contact Suggestions

iOS 13 introduced contact suggestions in the Share Sheet. If you didn’t like that, then iOS 14 lets you get rid of them quickly. Go to Settings > Siri & Search, and then turn off the switch next to Suggestions when Sharing.

Search Apps in Storage Menu

Looking to manage the storage on your iPhone? Head over to Settings > General > iPhone Storage, and you should now see a new Search icon that lets you quickly filter apps by name.

Watch YouTube in 4K

iOS 14 supports Google’s VP9 codec, which means that you can finally watch YouTube in stunning 4K. Simply start playing a 4K video in the YouTube app, and you should see the 2160p streaming option listed within the quality selection menu.

Enhance Recorded Voice Memos

Finished recording a memo? iOS 14’s Voice Memos app lets you quickly enhance the audio quality by toning down background noise. Get to the Edit Recording screen, and then tap the wand-shaped Enhance Recording icon to do that.