Ios tips

Low Power mode Shortcut.

The low power mode is a beneficial feature in iOS. It suspends some processes and features to get some more hours out of battery. It is useful when you can’t charge your phone and need to get some more time out of the battery percentage left. To enable Low Power mode, iPhone users have to go to Settings > Battery and then enable it. But there is a shortcut to do so, and this Tip for iPhone will tell you how to do it right from the home screen.

Make iOS keyboard into Trackpad.

Apple has constantly been working to make typing experience on the iPhone better and better. With this simple trick for iPhone, you can turn your iOS keyboard into a Trackpad and easily move your cursor back and forth simply by swiping on the keypad.

Undo deleted Text.

Most iPhone users don’t know this trick, but you can easily undo deleted text on the iPhone. This can be very helpful if you are typing or editing a long paragraph and accidentally delete some text. Steps to undo deleted text are: 1. Shake to undo. Hold on to your phone tight and shake it. You will see “Undo Typing” option on your screen. 2. Landscape keyboard. Rotating your keyboard in landscape mode will show an undo button on the keyboard which can be used to recover deleted text on iPhone while typing.


This is a very less used but equally useful feature on your iPhone. Night shift is used to set warm colours for your iPhone to make it easier to use. This helps comfort your eyes at night as well as leads to better sleep. There are also automatic rules you can set up for the night shift.

Add Empty spaced on Homescreen.

This is one of the best hacks in Best hacks, tips and tricks for iPhone. This simple hack lets you add empty spaced between your apps on your iPhone home screen.

Save PDF to iBooks.

This simple little Tip helps iPhone users to save articles and websites from being saved as PDF in iBooks app.

Use custom vibrations.

If you are a heavy smartphone user and keep your phone mostly on vibration, this is a lifesaver trick for you. You can set custom vibration patterns for different callers just like you can set custom ringtones. This will help you know who is calling without looking on-screen even on silent.

Stop Music Automatically with Timer.

If you fall asleep while listening to music on your iPhone, you know it may leave your battery dead till the morning. The best trick to use in this scenario is to stop music automatically with a timer. Most people don’t know this feature exists in the iPhone, but it is straightforward to use an automatic timer for music on the iPhone.

Hide your iPhone dock.

If you want a clean home screen without the shaded dock, you can use this simple hack to do so.

Zoom Unlimited in Photos.

iOS has a restriction about zoom in photos. There is a limit on how far you can zoom in a photograph. But with this simple little trick, you can get unlimited zoom for your photos.