Iphone tips

Change the Default Browser or Email

On previous iOS versions, if you tapped on a link or an email, it would lead you to the Safari Web Browser and the Mail client App. But now, with iOS 14, you can choose your default web browser and email client app to your liking. To select a default app, go to Settings and search for the web browser or email client you wish to choose as the default. Tap on the desired app, and you will be given an option to select the “Default Browser App” or “Email Client”. Tap on your preferred web browser or email client and confirm your action.

Picture-in-Picture Mode

The iPad had been bestowed with the Picture-in-Picture mode since the iPad OS 9, and iPhone users were missing out on this useful feature. Now, iOS 14 finally brings this feature to iPhone devices. Currently, iOS native apps like FaceTime and some third party on-demand streaming services are enabled with this feature. When you are on a FaceTime video call, simply swipe up the screen, and your video call will continue in Picture-in-Picture mode. You can drag the mini display anywhere you want on the screen.

Apple Translate

Apple wants you to use their own services and apps so that their users don’t wander off to other competitors, so they have bundled the Translate App with the iOS 14 (which can be removed). The Translate app is straightforward and intuitive to use for real translating needs or casual fun. The interface is very simple. On the right and left, you choose the language you want to translate from. You have the option to type or use the microphone to begin the translation. The Translate App is convenient for people who are traveling very often foreign countries.

QuickTake Video on the Camera App

Apple iOS was missing out on the QuickTake function on the iPhone, which Android phones have had for some time. With iOS 14, QuickTake is the best new camera feature everyone was waiting for. Earlier, when long-tapping on the shutter button, pictures were taken in burst mode, but on the latest version of iOS, long-pressing the shutter button enables QuickTake video. To use the burst mode, drag the shutter button to the left.

Type the last letter of a word an additional time to make a contraction.

Were + e = We're Shell + l = She'll

For those of you with the Otterbox Defender series cases, use the hunky belt loop holster as an in-car phone holder!

When you take screenshots, you can long-press the images in the PIP to quickly share them, instead of going through the Markup interface.