Iphone tips

Deleting or sharing a large amount of photos.

I had ~200 photos in my camera roll that I needed to delete , but tapping them one at a time is very inconvenient. However, if you hit "select" turn your phone to landscape mode and drag your finger across each row of photos it's possible to select them all very quickly and delete, share ,or upload them . I haven't seen this tip anywhere so I thought I'd share. I hope it helps

If you use OneNote and don't like how it shows a big thumbnail preview after pasting a URL, shake the iPhone to Undo the last action. It'll only undo the URL-to-preview conversion while keeping the URL.

On your PC do Ctrl+Z.

If you have a glass screen protector that covers your iPhone X notch and you have trouble with face ID and blurry selfies, that's why

Obvious for some, mind-blowing for others...

So with peek and pop, once you force touch to peek, you can take off pressure until you're just touching the screen without any pressure. Then to pop just force touch again. This way you don't have to push so hard down into the device to pop. Hope that helps some people out. :)

If iOS 12 software update hasn't shown up yet , reboot your phone.

Little tip for those impatient people (like me)/

Searching Thumbnails.

I just realized this today: if you're in the Photos app Collections view (which organizes photos into big grids of smaller thumbnails) you can tap and hold on one thumbnail, and then start sliding across the rest to get a small pop up preview of the photo. Handy when you're looking for a specific shot among many!

Emoji search option

Open your iPhone’s keyboard → tap the emoji button or the globe icon →  hit Search Emoji field →  Type an emoji name like ice, cake, etc. →  Swipe right to left to see the options →  tap and use it.

Access app clips

Soon after the launch of iOS 14, the feature grabbed the eyeballs of people and developers across the globe. App Clips is designed to make your life easier by allowing you to access certain app features without installing them. The feature can be of great help while paying for parking, online purchase, or ordering food from an app, with no plans to use again. Last but not least, it works with Apple Pay which means you don’t have to enter your card details repeatedly.