Jailbreak tips

[[swipexpander]] lets you swipe on the keys to get more character options

Use Sylph and Artsy to get now playing similar to iOS 10

Use iPhone as USB flash drive.

Just a free tip, you can use your jailbroken iPhone as a USB flash drive, just install afc2, open ifunbox, and go to the "General Storage" tab and you can drop files there just like on a flash drive.

Cleaning the phone ram makes my cpu a-lot cooler. Is there a tweak that clears the ram with a click? Specially on iPhone x/xs?

If you disable screenshot preview with mikoto people cannot see if you screenshot on snapchat.

Haven't thought about this before and just realised what caused this when i played around with the setting

Don't delete maps after updating to 11.3.1.

This could save everyone a lot of issues when Electra gets updated.

UnlimApps is hosting a ++ premium giveaway!.

I saw a comment about this and went to check it out. The giveaway was posted 3 days ago, but I managed to receive my premium status! And from what I can tell, they're not close to reaching 2000 copies, so now would be a good time to enter!https://twitter.com/unlimapps/status/852533785182650368

Removing the tweak [[LeaveMeAlone]] solved 90% of my 20+ daily resprings.

Title says it all! I spent so long trying to figure out what was wrong with my jailbreak but I finally solved it!