Jailbreak tips

Bought a used iPhone? Check 1conan's TSS site to see if the previous owner saved blobs.

It's unlikely, but there is the odd chance that the previous owner of your phone saved their blobs. 1conan backs up blobs to his server, you can try to access them by going to https://tsssaver.1conan.com/shsh/[YOUR_ECID_HERE]/Maybe you'll be the lucky one who gets their chance to downgrade! #AND IF YOU DON'T HAVE BLOBS, START SAVING THEM NOW. IF YOU SELL YOUR PHONE, TELL THE BUYER THAT YOU HAVE BLOBS.

You can delete ico.png in /Library/ApplicationSupport if you have dopesettings and hate April fools

Respring loop fix. Works for me.

1.Jailbreak with load Tweaks turned off2.Enter iCleaner Pro -> clean and Respring. That’s it. Works like a charm for me.

If you use Rollectra and it says press home to upgrade after using a backup, don’t rip your hairs off, here’s why.

Note: I backed up on the same version)So I used rollectra to erase my phone and to remain real, the 1st time, I set it up normally, then I clicked restore backup on iTunes. Then afterwords, my phone booted up to the setup screen, I unlocked my phone and it said “press home to upgrade”, then I was like what? I was looking for bypasses but I didn’t find anything, I just said ok hello 11.4, then I clicked press to upgrade and put in my passcode, afterwords another setup screen came, it setup my iCloud and all, then after that screen, I want to settings general and about and I saw 11.3.1, I was jumping all over the place that I saved my jailbreak.So if you see that screen it won’t update your phone.

Apple always screws up there servers on Thursdays, so it was like this: Thu Jan 11: downgrade party, Thu Jan 18: Apple re-allowed A6 activations, and finally Thu Jan 25; all 32-bit devices were unable to activate

Solve reload system daemon (respring loops), no iclean.

  1. jailbreak with default setting 2. when the above jaibreak progress is around at 27/38, press home button (iphone swipe up from screen bottom) first, and then press sleep button. the screen will be off.3. press sleep button again, then the iphone will be respring. done

Switch to machswap2 in Unc0ver for a very fast and reliable exploit to enhance your jailbreaking experience.