Jailbreak tips

IF you are getting the ultrasnow repo666 error message, saying some index files failed to download blah blah blah, then to fix this error simply remove the repo from cydia, it’s broken for pretty much everyone and you will never, on iOS 11, need its contents!!!

Just some tips for using Electra. Thank you team, great work.

My iPhone is finally Jailbroken, and I just want to thank the team.Just for some tips,if you are stuck at 1/3, the only way is to keep retrying. Try enabling airplane mode and disabling Siri, this may increase the chance greatly. Also rebooting may help.If you are stuck at 2/3 with a rootfs remount error, try removing iOS 11.4 from Settings> General> iPhone Storage> iOS 11.4> remove. Then, try again.I hope jailbreaking works for everyone.(By the way, I have an iPhone 7 with iOS 11.3)

TvOS 10.2.2 is still being signed and a jailbreak just came out for it. If you have an apple TV 4 above 11.3, downgrade now!

Future Restore - iPhone X Beta Firmware & Face ID NOT working.

This is probably known, but today I restored using future restore v173 (encounters fork), on iPhone X 10,6. I thought maybe SEP would be compatible with the Beta firmware, but it seems face ID can not be setup after a future restore still. Here were the steps that I took.1. Installed 11.4 beta 3 on my iPhone X 10,62. Used Electra VFS to set my nonce3. Used the -i command in futurerestore to pull the SEP from the 11.4 IPSW4. RestoredThe restore completed without any errors, but as I was setting it up, FaceID did not work. (I have heard this may be a bigger problem, just wanted to notify you guys of my findings.)

[Tutorial] Invisible music controls with activator everywhere.

Change tracks and play/pause music with force touch.You will need: ActivatorForcetouchswitchAssign left scree force touch everywhere to previous track in activator, same with the right and play/pause with bottom force touch, forcetouchswitch will prevent the left force touch to start the app switcher and there you go.

Simple trick for those who need to Do Not stop Cydia Sources Refreshing when CC pulls up or NC pulls down nor when in Springboard.

Steps:> Install [[Dissident]] tweak from Cydia. Or Watchdog. (These tweaks can do background managements)> Open Dissident from SB, then tap 'Individual' > Add Cydia App to the list and set Background mode to 'Foreground'> Done!*Someone may be say that this is an useless post, because they don't know the trouble of slow internet speed. If anyone wanna feel the slowest internet speeds like 0.1kbps, come to India

NewGridSwitcher works a treat on iOS 12!!! Swiping up actually takes you back to the home screen instead of having to go through the switcher first!!!

If you update to iOS 13.5, try it with Futurerestore to learn the steps for the future.

As title says. This is a very good chance to learn the steps with fututerestore. So you know for the future how it works and you can safely update if a jailbreak for a unsigned firmware comes out (in case the SEP is compatible). If anything goes wrong, you can use iTunes for a clean restore and you loose nothing.

For everyone trying to clone apps for different logins, Xline works perfectly for me! Price: 2.99$

For anyone having issue with camera with Chimera 1.04 going back to Chimera 1.02 worked for me Iphone Xs max 12.1.1 B3.

Today i updated chaimera from 1.02 to 1.04 and the camera just didn't work so i downgraded Chimera from 1.04 to 1.02 and it worked for me.