Jailbreak tips

If you want to make a concept, redesign or anything thats on IOS 10 this is for you.

You can change how the name of your Bluetooth device looks with "Textyle". Looks cool and everybody can see it (Airplay devices included)

HapticKeyboard + SmoothCursor on iOS 12 = typing pleasure.

Tried both tweaks together, work flawlessly. Currently on iOS 12.0

Everybody listen: Apple will probably unsign iOS 11.3.1 by tomorrow. Update, NOW!.

It's quite obvious, that a jailbreak is coming for iOS 11.3.1If you do care, update your device via iTunes.I did a DFU-restore just to be safe (DFU = Device firmware update, a deeper restore mode).A regular restore should also do the job (via option(Mac)/shift(Win) and a click on restore in iTunes).

Buy an iPhone 4S off eBay for $20, connect it to your WiFi, install Remote Messages (iOS 9), and sign-in to your iCloud/iMessage account. Boom you can now send and receive texts from your PC.

Want to prank an extra_recipe user?.

Reboot their phone. They'll be spending the next few hours trying to jailbreak. edit: this was not intended to be ungrateful in any way. Thanks to xerub for making it, 100x better than mach_portal alone.

For everyone who’s phone is rebooting while charging overnight and having to rejailbreak, follow these steps to prevent it from happening in the future.

So I’ve noticed a lot of people complaining about this recently and just wanted to share my fix for this issue. It used to happen to me with Electra 11.1.2 and I was going crazy until I found this solution. So if you go to settings and analytics and look at your analytics data you’ll most likely see an entry for a “system memory reset”. This is caused by not having enough reclaimable memory. To fix open Filza and navigate to /system/library/launchdaemons. Scroll down until you see 2 entries for com.apple.jetsamproperties.(a number).plist. Click on the first one and navigate to /root/version4/system/override/global and select userreclaimablelimit. Change the value from 60 to 50. Now do the same for the second jetsamproperties.plist. It won’t happen anymore after you do this.

Install tvOS profile to prevent your phone from auto updates and popups!.

Just a reminder, search in google how to do it, have a good one!