Jailbreak tips

IOS 11.3 Beta 5 is still being signed. Go get it now before it’s too late. This is your absolute last chance.

It’s good enough. Go on https://ipsw.me and download the iOS 11.3 beta 5 update and install through iTunes. Shift+Update

Rejailbreak 9.3.3 using julioverne's alternative web clip if luca's one is failling for you.

Install the profile provided by julioverne (trusted dev) to get his web clip at http://julioverne1.weebly.com/uploads/2/5/1/7/25177725/jbme.mobileconfig Once you have it, no need to be online and it'll work flawlessly even if you've cleared Safari's browsing history. You can get rid of his profile if you want to by ssh to mobile/Library/WebClips, copying elsewhere your web clip, deleting the profile via Settings app, recopying the web clip in mobile/Library/WebClips and respringing..

Cydia Eraser Works here's what I did before using it.

Here's what I did before using Cydia Eraser tested on iPhone 6s on iOS 9.3.3 (64GB)1. Change any font to normal and remove it 2. Back Up Important data 3. Try to remove apps (keep jailbreak app)4. Remove Cydia Substrate which removes all tweaks Warning: You will see a bunch of red text calm down let it do its thing after the red text is done click reboot 5. Open Jailbreak app and rejailbreak 6. Open Cydia eraser 7. Make sure you have a stable wifi connection/ lte and full battery or at least 80%(MAKE SURE AUTO LOCK IS DISABLED JUST IN CASE)8. Pray lol9. Click the red button on the bottom 10. Click confirm11. DONT TOUCH SHIT AND LET CYDIA ERASER DO ITS THING 12. Connect to wifi or use LTE to activate your iPhone I doubt this will get to top page but hope this helps out someone at least

Having activator resign Electra automatically.

Activator has released and unlimited options are available for our creative minds.In order to do so, lunch activator, press Anywhere, on the top right side you have “build” button , scroll down until you find “scheduled”, select the date you want to resign, for example Wednesday at 10:00 and Saturday at 10:00.Then go back to “Anywhere” and add Lunch Ext3nder, and then action to resign and revoke all. It will ask you if you want to add multiple actions, say yes and Pause (press the pause button again to allow a better gap)Now each time you reach to this time the app will lunch and resign all automatically. For the moment it doesn’t let you resign all without the app running in the background, that’s why you have to lunch it first.It works flawless for me. Hopefully developers will see it and make it easier for us in the future.

When a Jailbreak gets released publicly, wait a little before jumping on board if your not sure what you're doing.

This will allow more advanced users to be able to spot issues and find ways to get around them until they can be fixed or sorted out. Every year people run into issues even on the most simple of jailbreaks. It's best for users with little troubleshooting knowledge to wait till it's been covered and explored. Guides will come to help people get jailbroken and fix certain issues when they arise, it just takes a little time. While it's completely up to you when you jump on board, if you're unsure or have a history of losing your Jailbreak, patience might just be your best asset.While it can be released with no hiccups, that's unlikely and if you're a novice user you may not know how to fix it right away. You could risk your Jailbreak when the fix may be simple.

Use Asteroid and the hourly forecast option to blend in with the flashlight and camera toggle in the lockscreen

Add these three domains to your adblocker to block Facebook Video Ads!.

I added these three domains into my adblocker and voila!! No more Facebook ads mid-video! I'm not a developer so hopefully someone can make a tweak for this!events-endpoint-g-1919267118.us-east-1.elb.amazonaws.comevents-endpoint-i-1172912053.us-east-1.elb.amazonaws.comevents-endpoint-j-660082941.us-east-1.elb.amazonaws.comI hope this works for everyoneProof

Flex3 beta8 is compatible with iOS 10.3.X G0blin!!