Jailbreak tips

Scothman for Snapchat now has DRM Protection!.

On the Dev’s Twitter, he said that the latest version includes DRM protection to prevent bans. Just letting you guys know.

AirPods Pro work just fine on 12.4.

I got mine today and set them up on my 13.2 iPad just to check out the full software integration. Then I switched them over to my 12.4 iPX and they behave as normal.

I see many ppl requesting tweaks to bypass JB detection, so I made a video showing how to make your own JB detection bypass.


To get the Mechanical Key Sounds on when you press a key on keyboard.

To get the sound download the UISounds from this linkhttps://drive.google.com/file/d/13EXuxct8IYKwLcbDK2kBUqgyWsKhEE_L/view?usp=drivesdkMake sure that you make a backup of the respective files first in /System/Library/Audio/UISoundsOnce you do that replace the dowloaded files in /System/Library/Audio/UISoundsWith filzaRespringProfit.

Warning: Do not update Santander Mobile Banking app!

Weatherstatusbar10 is working on ios 11

Set up Ext3nder to auto sign applications once it reaches below 20% battery.

I find this to be very useful and you won't forget to resign yalu102 or any jailbreak application.1. Go to Settings > Activator > Anywhere2. Press "Build" on the top right3. Press "Battery Drains"4. You can set any percentage but I have it on 20%5. Now go back to the screen after you pressed "Anywhere"6. Under the section "Battery Level" you should see the action you just created and should be named something like "Battery Drains Past 20%" press on that7. Find the "Ext3nder" option and you're done.From now on, when your battery drains below 20% it will revoke and resign all of your applications you currently have set up in Ext3nder. I recommend to turn off the "Auto Signer IPA" in Ext3nder since it will always sign before your battery drains completely.

All who jumped ship to 11.1.2 anticipating a jailbreak, download the tvOS 11 beta profile to block the 11.2.x pop up.

Tried to add the link, mods removed it. Had the tvOS 10 beta and got the prompt to update. The tvOS 11 beta profile will block on iOS 11