Jailbreak tips

Get a notification when (/if) pangu releases a new jailbreak.

This is a tutorial for anyone who would like to get a notification on their device when/if pangu releases a new jailbreak. This tutorial does not require a jailbreak.1. Download Website Update Checker from the app store.2. Allow notifications.3. Open website update checker and type en.pangu.io into the search bar to visit the pangu official website.4. Click the three blue lines next to the search bar and click "Add to checklist".5. Choose your title and update frequency (Make sure both sliders are left off) and click 'Done'.6. Done. You should now get an update every time pangu updates their website (when they release a new jailbreak).Hope you found this useful!

Big Boss Should Be Working Now

For all those who are updating to iOS 11.3.1, remember to install tvOS 11 beta profile in order not to accidentally updating to 11.4!.

Many people have lost their oportunity to jailbreak because of those annoying update popups. So here is a link where you can install this profile! http://www.ipodhacks142.com/download/tvos-11-beta-profile/For all those who what this does, it makes your iPhone think it has to download tvOS betas (incompatible with iPhone of course) but in reality, no downloading or updating anything!

Reminder to not use iFile on newer jailbreaks. It hasn't been updated in years, and isn't considered safe

IOS 11.1.2 compatible with iOS 11.2.2 SEP.

Just tested on an iPad Pro 9.7-inch, has functioning touch ID after restore. Wanted to post this for any people who are planning to restore to 11.1.2 w/futurerestore ATM.

IOS 13 Dark Mode official colours with Eclipse on iOS 11/12.

Open Eclipse's settings and navigate to ColorOptionsOpen CustomColors and set:- Custom Nav Color : #0E0E10- Custom Theme Color : #1C1C1EGo back to Eclipse main page and enable Lighter Table CellsSource: @xerusdesign

A faster way to jailbreak

Been using a harry potter custom font. Unc0ver’s logo changed to display the font. Neat.

IPhone X gestures for all iPhones