Jailbreak tips

Saurik won’t implement your Cydia concepts.

Some are good though

Install tweakcompatible from cydia to check tweaks compatibility with your iOS in cydia before installing them

CoolStar confirms that iOS 11.3 users will also want to update to 11.3.1.

Fiona works on iOS 11.

FionaAlways keep wifi connected, confirmed working on iOS 11, iPhone X

For those having issues with g0blin.

Alright, title says all. I restored my SE and ran into issues and this is how I fixed mine. So first off, if you're running into the respring issue and your device reboots, what I did was I first used the XPreeks fork. I don't know if it's allowed to mention, but what you do is install that, and install a tweak and respring that way. Afterwards, use the g0blin RC1 build and jailbreak, but do NOT force reinstall bootstrap, and after you successfully jailbreak, you'll be able to install tweaks and be able to respring on the official g0blin RC1 build. I'm also able to resign the IPA with Extender this way as well. I hope my suggestion helped you out. Happy jailbreaking!

Downloading deb files without installing them.

Use MTerminal. Type su, and enter your root password (alpine by default). Then type>apt-get -d install com.coolbooter.coolbooter. I'm downloading coolbooter in this case, but just replace that with the identifier of the tweak you want. It will then download the deb to /var/cache/apt/archives. Hope you found this useful.

Don't install Dissident on iOS 10.2.1.

I know it's already been said that it's not safe to update dissident, but when I installed it on my iPhone SE running iOS 10.2.1 I was unable to make any phone calls. It was a strange issue but I was able to find out it was dissident causing it thanks to iCleaner. I couldn't make calls, receive calls, they just wouldn't go through without showing any error. Just a heads up.

I haven’t had any crashes/reboots since I changed some things.

It was getting so bad I couldn’t jailbreak so I decided to try a few things. Deleting all keyboard tweaks (DarkKeyboard, Barmoji) and turning off Increase Memory Limit fixed it for me so far.

Fix for AltDeploy crashing due to malicious protection on MacOS Catalina.

Since, well, pretty much today, AltDeploy seems to be unable to run on newer versions of catalina, because its signature apparently gets recognized as malware known by apple.Im not exactly sure what this is about, AltServer seems to work for now, however i'm not sure for how long.Anyways, i figured that rebuilding the code signature actually makes altdeploy work again, so here are the needed steps in order to get there:1. copy and paste AltDeploy to your Applications folder, in case it isn't there already.2. right click it, get info and disable the option to check for potentially malicious content.3. Open up the Terminal and Paste this in: sudo codesign -f -s - /Applications/AltDeploy.app/Contents/MacOS/AltDeploy4. Hit enter and enter your password5. Enjoy!I also made a quick Video on how to fix this.

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