Jailbreak tips

I found an error with the tweaks CCringer and Sonus12.

When you have activated the two Sonus bar will not appear in the screen, the volume will not work and you can not increase it with the buttons or the slider in the CC. Also even in settings this disabled will continue to produce this error until you uninstall CCringer

Disable Deamons with iCleaner Pro to get more battery life and a faster iDevice!.

  1. Install [[iCleaner Pro]] 2. Open iCP3. Tap on the "+" on the bottom4. Tap on "Start Deamons"5. Tap on every Deamon AND READ CARFULLY!6. Disable the Deamon if you don’t use it!7. Done! ✅

Electra won't jailbreak anymore? Reinstall Electra app using Cydia Impactor.

Hey everyone!I jailbroke my iPhone 6 running iOS 11.1 using Electra 1.0.1, rebooted like 2 times and now when I re run the jailbreak button from the Electra app, it won't jailbreak anymore. Instead, it just reboots my iPhone after 2-3 seconds on the step 2/3.If it sounds familiar to you, simply reinstall Electra IPA, and it should work!

Have a way to boot into safe mode from the lock screen!.

When I had jb I had activator set to boot into safe mode after both volume buttons press together! It’s really useful and might just save your jailbreak.So that if you install any tweak that might not be compatible and breaks your lock screen you can boot into safe mode

If you want BlurSlide2 to work on 10.1.1 Install LegacySlideToUnlock!.

Proof: http://imgur.com/BAlns70

For those having large battery drain caused by ReportCrash - disable/remove LockAnim.

Just spent a few days disabling/downgrading tweaks and when I disabled LockAnim, ReportCrash calmed down and stopped draining my battery.

People experiencing problems with YouPiP.

Hello guys,​Recently I saw a post where people were experiencing problems with [[YouPIP]]. I found out that YouPIP works perfectly with the latest version of youtube, alongside with [[Cercube For Youtube]], not Youtube Tools. I used Youtube Tools when I first installed YouPIP but it stopped working until I decided to switch it for Cercube.​repo for YouPIP: http://spicat.github.io/repo for Cercube: http://apt.alfhaily.me/​Both YouPIP and [[ForceInPicture]] were installed from the Spica T repo. Hope this helps anyone.

App crashing on launch or later? Try Liberty.

I was having problems with two apps1. nPlayer was crashing on launch.2. YouTube was crashing while increasing volume.Only in jailbreak mode.I installed [[Liberty]] tweak and tried to"Block Cydia Substrate"(needed) & "Block Jailbreak Detection"(maybe not needed but i did) and everything worked as it should. It seems like something was conflicting with these apps. I hope maybe this will help someone like me. image

Enable every command in liberios.

Enabling the rest of the bins in LiberiosIn any ssh console type the following 2 commands:export PATH=$PATH:/jb/usr/bin:/jb/bin:/jb/sbin:/jb/usr/sbin:/jb/usr/local/bin:cp -r /jb/bin /bin