Jailbreak tips

You can set your lock tone to the Switch tone with this past tutorial.

Hopefully useful Snapchat ban tweak tip.

So I got blocked from Snapchat yesterday and what I did was download icleaner and liberty lite last night. I waited like half the day and before going into Snapchat again, I used iCleaner to disable phantom without uninstalling Phantom. Now obviously phantom isn't running but it did still manage to revert the UI of Snapchat to the old one after like 5 minutes being in it. Hope this helps even a little.

If you want to use PortraitXI on A8 or below, use Anywhere! to spoof your device to being an iPhone 8/7/X(anything) and enable it in settings. It worked on my iPad Air 2.

Note: It kinda drains a bit of battery and takes a while to save the image though. Disable HD image.

Temporary Fix for Xen HTML A12 12.4.

Thanks to a post I have seen from @gorgonned mentioned the XenHTML_BatteryManager.dylib is making all A12 devices on 12.4 springboard crash. If you use Filza and navigate to /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries and remove this particular.dylib you can use XenHtml until a proper update comes out to fix the battery manager portion of this issue.

You can use April and Sakal as a free alternative to Kalm.

Are you having screen lag/freezes? Tip: Do NOT go into cydia > installed > recent and delete anything that seems far-fetched.

Doing so will cause some tweaks to go out of wack, causing a chain reaction and therefore leading to troubles. I did this. I removed/uninstalled some tweaks I figured came there randomly while cleaning out my tweaks. It caused problems such as dragging down the notification screen to lead to a freeze (temporary), etc.To undue this mistake and retain a smooth, fluid like experience was to uninstall cydia substrate in Cydia, then reinstall it. This allows for a clean slate, removing the other parts of halfly installed tweaks. Then, redownload your tweaks.Hope this helps anyone who faces this issue and for anyone with future problems like this.Thanks!

Turn on album artwork shadow for the lock screen section on ColorFlow3. It looks amazing

Try MiniXS if LittleXS or HomeGesture is too buggy for you.

LittleXS is buggy, glitchy and somehow still drains my battery HomeGesture is simply hogging RAM and honestly there's too much clutter. If that is the case for you as well, I suggest you to try [[MiniXS]]. I've been using it for almost a week and I can say that it has the least bugs so far. It also has "semi-gesture" mode which still enables you to use CC as you always do. Go give it a try!

Use PrimalFolders over Bolders if the cut off app bug annoys you.

I was using Bolders for the longest time and I loved the tweak but in one of the recent updates came a bug where if you had more than 9 apps in the folder then it would show when the app was closed but the extra apps would be cut off and you would only see the top of them.Recently I installed PrimalFolder instead of Bolders and noticed you can get the same look with PrimalFolders but it doesn’t have the same bug and overall works better in my opinion.