Jailbreak tips

You can get Wiimote support on iOS 9.0.2 with GBA.emu.

If you install GBA.emu with btstack and reinstall btstack you can get the Wiimote with full support on there!In case it matters I also have MFIWrapper but I don't think it's doing anything. Just a bit of help for people trying to use Wiimotes on iOS 9!

Install Cydia Eraser and Apple File Conduit 2 now.

As we do not have a signed jailbreakable firmware, having both of these tweaks installed can save you from a boot loop or conflicting/bad tweaks.

If you cannot find what is causing random resprings with endless boots on iOS 9; it is Flex2.

I have been experiencing this like 9 months now. Random resprings with endless boots. Only way to fix is to boot with No Substrate Mode and disable all tweaks and reboot and reenable the tweaks and respring; which takes about 5 minutes on my 5S.Crash Reporter never came up with something. Disabling Flex2 didn't work, because it evetually reenabled when installing something new. So I uninstalled it and voila; no random resprings anymore. Flex 2 wasted my hours last year. FYI

Do not use System Info to change screen resolution.

Hi there.As the title says, I do not recommand changing screen resolution USING "System Info" tweak except if you know what you do.I tried to change my iPhone 7 resolution, and it fucked up my device and I have to restore now.It looks like I'm not the only one who is affected by this problem, so if you want to change your screenresolution, do it with another tool than System Info tweak.That's all. Have a nice day ^^

Increase Electra Success Rate.

  1. Enable Airplane Mode (like everyone is already doing)1. Go to your lock screen and go to your widgets2. Tap on the bottom edit button3. Swipe down from the status bar until it <b>ALMOST</b> touches the bottom of the screen4. Repeat Step 2 while holding the lockscreen like this5. Press Done6. Swipe up and press Done again. Your device will respring 7. Immediately go to Electra and attempt to jailbreakIDK if this was revealed on another post on here, but this worked first try for me on my iPhone 7 running 11.3.1. Let me know if this helps.

Found the culprit that causing my phone to soft-respring with no crash report a.k.a Memory leak tweak! It might be only me or not but this have done something that causing it, 5S with Yalu102 jailbreak mainly not compatible with the rest of my tweak or at least there's a chance.

Speed up maize on pre iphone 7 devices.

Remove some toggles from the cc. Profit. I use an iPhone 6 and anything above 12 gives me lag. Just thought I'd share.

Do not install Noctis9 Just Yet.

I Installed Noctis9 and once I respringed it wouldn't boot back up then I rebooted went into the PP App tried going into Jailbreak mode I couldn't so I had to goto No Substrate Mode and Uninstall Noctis9