Jailbreak tips

Use [[masq]] to get rid of WaveFlow 2's "beta" banner.

Activator: Double-Tap icon to lock device.

At Home Screen>Build (top right)>Icon Double Tap> Select your icon (one that's easiest to reach)>Save (top right)>Done (top right)>Scroll to Springboard> 'Your selected app' Icon Double Tap>System Actions>Sleep ButtonDoneAnnoyed I didn't think of it sooner

For anyone that wants to screenshot on Snapchat without getting banned.

If you use the tweak [[snapper 2]] you can screenshot a photo or chat and the other person won’t get a notification. Ive been using this for awhile now on an iPhone 7 11.3.1 latest version of Snapchat and I haven’t got banned.

IPhone X and Electra.

Here is what I did to get my successful jailbreak on my 2nd try! 1. Download Electra from http://ignition.fun2. Enabled Airplane Mode3. Turned off Find My iPhone4. Enabled Assistive Touch (For home button)5. Cleared my RAM (Go to Shutdown "Slide to shutdown" and hold the home button on assitive touch 6. Opened Electra 7. Manually rebooted my phone (Shutdown -> Slide)8. Went back to Electra and process worked without issues!

Please wait to see the success rate. DON’T RUSH.

Just opened Apollo and saw 6+ posts of people going into bootloop. Why are you rushing? Wait so you can see the success rate of the exploit.

If you are having random resprings or freezes try jailbreaking with reload system daemons off.

My iPhone 7 Plus was having random resprings, Reboots and freezes it does not last a whole day but since I tried this it’s uptime is 3 days. You should really try this.

Tweaks/Dependencies that won’t let you turn on RSD Toggle.

I’ve been testing tweaks from very first beta of unc0ver that supported iOS jailbreak, till now beta ~46 i come to know there are quite a lot of culprit tweaks.Common ones are posted everyday. Rocketbootstrap is safe. Top on the list is Cephei thats commonly used by Notifica and Xeon (Zeppelin alternative) applist.dylib its a dependency for quite a few tweaks. Long story short you can remove them to prevent rsd toggle thing or you can have it and use this workaround for turning RSD toggle on.1.Load Tweaks —> OFF 2. Reload System Daemons —-> ON 3. Jailbreak 4. Run iCleaner and press clean and respring (or just enable through settings all the tweaks and then respring) 5. Done

How to spoof location on ios 12.1.2.

Hey all. I have noticed that a lot of posts on new are about jailbreaking only to spoof their location. The tweaks available right now for it are pretty bad, and some are way overpriced.​For those looking for a free way to spoof you are going to need aklocationx and gpscheatpro.​What you will need to do is install both tweaks, open gpscheatpro, and select the location you would like to set your gps at. Once you do, click the popup above the point and click on copy coordinates. Then you are going to head over to settings ---> aklocationx and paste those coordinates in the spot.​I know it takes a little more effort, but IMO it is completely worth it to get a stable spoofer for free.

Blocking Ads on ios 12.

Just install ( LetMeBlock ) from PoomSmart repo and iOS 9/10/11 - Untrusted Hosts Blocker.Working 100% with me on iPX 12.1.1

Deactivate OTA Updates without Profile.

If u already jailbroken, install iCleaner Pro and deactivate OTA Update Daemons. Problem solved.