Jailbreak tips

Electra exploit error fix.

If you are getting this error it is more likely from the signing service. It is missing the entitlement in their IPA. You will have to delete Electra app then install VFS exploit from cool stars website. Then install using Cydia Impactor until the signing services fix the multi path version. I’ve tried all 3 signing services so far and all failed with exploit error.

If you want to remove NudeKeys, make sure you disable it via the tweak before uninstalling via Cydia!.

Just went through this process myself. Uninstalled NudeKeys last night in favor of Bloard which seems more consistent and cleaner with iOS’ UI in my opinion. I left the tweak enabled and removed it via Cydia like I always have. Today I realized each system app basically had some form of a past NudeKeys setup even though the tweak was gone. I had to reinstall it, disable it through its settings, then remove it again via Cydia.Just a heads up!

How to view recently installed tweaks from cydia using appinfo!!!

Use keyboard shortcuts to save your ECID, Model #, and other hard numbers. Handy when saving blobs.

I have multiple devices, so I just save them as “iphoneecid”, “ipadecid”, “iphoneimei”, “iphonemodel” and descriptive names that the keyboard just replaces for the actual number. It saves you a lot of time.Just remember to change them if you get a newer device.

For those who have Polus installed..

If you hold on to the "Rotation Lock" button, your screen will automatically rotate to landscape or vice versa! I never knew this and just found this out just a few minutes ago. It's a pretty nifty feature.

Unc0ver' Respring loop - what worked for me.

  1. Reboot your device (if jailbroken)2. Enable Airplane Mode3. Open 'unc0ver' app (make sure it's up to date)4. Enable these options only (Load Tweaks, Load Deamons, Refresh Icon Cache, Disable Auto Update, Disable App Revokes, Overwrite Boot Nonce, Reload System Daemons)5. JailbreakHave tried it like 6 times already on iPhone X 12.1.1 and it worked everytime.Just that it can take a little longer to respring sometimes, don't panic - just wait.

If you have ext3nder, you can upgrade electra directly from your phone!.

Go to coolstar.org/electra in safari, click “download” and then click “more” and “copy to ext3nder”. Install it, remove autosign on your old version, and reboot.