Jailbreak tips

For those who are getting errors adding eXqusic's repo.

You must know that the current repo is https://exqusic.github.io/. But you will get errors if you access the website and click on the "Add repo to Cydia" button. Instead, you should go to Cydia sources and add the github link directly as the repo URL.​Leaving this silly tip because I wish I could've realized this sooner. ​Btw, I totally recommed AnimationsBeFast for everyone.

When using Uc0ver b46 make sure that you turn off "Disable App Revokes".

I have seen a ton of people still having issues. When using Uc0ver b46 make sure that you turn off "Disable App Revokes" and keep everything else the same. This has fixed the respring loop issue for me.

Using [[CoolFolder]] & [[ClassicFolder2]] Fixing the problem that ClassicFolders going crazy when you open a folder after respring.

You should try that ! Didn’t noticed till I noticed Can someone else confirm?

You can use boxy 3 with CarPlay by adjusting horizontal padding!.

Hey all! I know some people were experiencing a glitch with CarPlay and boxy where the icons wouldn’t display properly On CarPlay. To fix this you just need to adjust the horizontal padding, disconnect your phone from CarPlay, and reconnect. I have my horizontal padding on -10 and it works no problem!

Changing 'press home to unlock' text, is easy & tweakless.

Install filza &Go to CoreServices>SpringBoard.app.Now select the language on which your iPhone is set. (Mine is English US so I would select “en.lproj”.)Tap on SpringBoard.strings.Scroll down a little and tap on 'PRESS_HOME_TO_OPEN' And/Or 'UNLOCK'Then type whatever you want in the last text section (just above the big red delete button aka 'value' section)Tap on the back breadcrumb at the top and tap on Save and then Done.Restart your device. Or as i did ldrestart & he presto..text changed without any extra tweaks & even remains after a reboot (aka stock) Original guide here: https://the8-bit.com/how-to-replace-the-press-home-to-unlock-text-with-anything-you-want-on-ios-11/ Says for ios 11, but works on my SE 12.1 perfectly..hope this helps someone or anyone out

[Discussion] The new lockscreen tweak “Lisa” looks great with ColorFlow 4’s full screen music player!

For anyone curious, NewTerm works on iOS 12.

Alternative to bluetooth file sharing tweak.

I know this is not actually very jailbreak related, sorry, but I've seen many people are interested.For those wanting something like this, try Zapya in the AppStore. Maybe is what you're looking for; multi-platform file sharing app, no internet connection needed.Have tried it before and believe it works fine.

The iPod touch 6 can set nonce with samg's tool! Just futurerestored to 11.4.1

Battery drain from tipsd.

If you have significant battery drain from tipsd like I had here then you can disable the daemon by going into /usr/libexec/ and renaming “tipsd” to “tipsd.no” without the “s. I have tested this and everything seems normal so far and it has been around a day. The reason this daemon took so much battery for me is because it kept on getting killed and restarted. And I even tried installing the apple tips app from the AppStore in case it might be related to that and like the Apple maps issue but it still didn’t solve it.