Jailbreak tips

Unc0ver app freezes fix.

Hi, I have problem with (rare) apps freezing in jailbroken state, I'm using latest unc0ver on 12.1.2 b3.I found workaround that does not need reboot and rejailbreak.After get freeze you need to run UICache (for example from PowerSelector or terminal) and problem is fixed

100% Success Uncover Jailbreak with new trick.

Hi Guy!This is a new trick - one time jailbreak:1: Open Uncover, move to setting Tab and disable Loading Tweak option.2: Back to Jailbreak tab and chose Jaibreak!3: After Uncover jailbreak success, go to setting tab again and enable Loading Tweak option.4: Open iCleaner Pro and chose Clean, when it done chose Respring NOW!Please wait a few seconds!Enjoy!Tested: iPhone 8 plus- ios: 12.0.1

ReProvision works with rootlessJB!

IOS 11 Filza 3.5.0-1 trash folder is located in /var/mobile/Library/Filza/.Trash.

If you accidentally deleted something, that where you can get it back.Filza official repo: http://tigisoftware.com/cydia/

You can reset a tweak's configuration to default using iCleaner (+ > Configuration files). Just delete the plist of the tweak you want.

Maybe this is already known by many but I find it useful even more for tweaks where you can change colors (e.g. NudeKeys) as it will reset all the settings to default and since reinstalling the tweak will keep the old one you had.

Remember not to install AFC 2 on 10.3 +b.

I remember hearing a while back that this will create conflict on anything above 10.3 for some reason. Do not install it if a jailbreak comes out.Don't install [[Apple File Conduit "2"]]

Be Careful Using Uncover On A12.

As most may or may not have seen, Uncover has partial support for A12 devices. If you plan on installing this be warned that it triggers jailbreak detection in certain applications ( I have noticed in 'Pokemon Go', and 'My Optus' ) As we don't have Cydia or Cydia Substrate as of yet, I don't see any way to bypass this jailbreak detection.

I used iCleaner pro to clean “Cydia sources”, and it caused my phone to reboot, and it rebooted each time I tried to jailbreak my phone using unc0ver (iOS 12) again. I figured out how to fix it.

I was scared because I thought I may have screwed up my jailbreak, but thankfully I fixed it.Open Unc0ver, tap “settings”, turn on the settings “reinstall Cydia” and “(Re)install OpenSSH”, and then press the “jailbreak” button.I have no idea why the problem happened in the first place, and I don’t have advanced jailbreaking knowledge. I hope this post is helpful to anyone that experiences the same issue.

If you install the tweak [[SlideCut]] on iOS 12. You can use your keyboard to CUT COPY and PASTE without reaching up top and holding to bring the magnifying glass.

Just slide your finger from the space to any keys and the functions will be performed. My favorite is SPACE + C which copy’s the selected text.

Apple TV 4 - You can install the iOS beta profile to stop the annoying upgrade messages.

Just like with an iPhone where you install the Apple TV profile, you can install the iOS profile on the Apple TV. My Apple TV is on 10.1.1 with the iOS beta profile installed and I no longer get the upgrade messages. The reason I had to do this was because I have a 4 yr old who knows how to use the AppleTV and just clicks through whatever message is up on the screen. When you turn it on and an upgrade is available, the first choice is to upgrade. So he knocked me off of 10.1 and upgraded without me even realizing it.