Jailbreak tips

Anyone updating uncover to 3.0.1 through reprovision please change shortcut index setting to "1".

[[Fabric]] + [[HomeTime]] + [[FreshWall]] + [[Boxy]]

For Anyone who has problems with their Jailbroken iDevice and sends a tweak list. Please use PasteBin to send your tweak list.

As stated above this will help the situation you are in. This will be far better than having a clustered tweak list in the comment/post section. Pastebin will organize your tweak list automatically and put it in a sequential order making it easier for other Jailbroken users to decipher the issue. Website: https://pastebin.com/

For those who wants to fake your LTE to 5GE (or anything else), you can use Data Logo Switcher in BigBoss

How-To: Stop automatic iOS updates from downloading OTA. Using iCleaner, turn off "OTA update daemons". Mine would download daily after I deleted the update file (over 2gb). This has stopped it for me on 7+ 10.1.1

If you're getting the impactor error on Windows and have a Mac, do it on your Mac instead.

Apparently the error is only occurring on Windows, so just use your Mac if you have one instead.Edit: It also works for Mac VMs.

Flex v.3~Beta62 Works Partially on Chimera.

Tested it on XSMax, patches working for 3rd party apps. Stock apps patching does not work. Didn’t check the Processing yet.Get it from: http://getdelta.co/

Use the watchOS beta profile instead of tvOS to remove feedback assistant app.

I see so many people recommending others to install the tvOS profile to disable OTA updates. Sure, it works fine, but the tvOS profile reveals the feedback assistant app. If you’re like me and you don’t throw everything into a folder, this is very annoying. To get rid of it, using the same amount of effort to install the tvOS profile, just install the watchOS beta profile for better results.Just a simple tip. Seems beneficial yet widely unknown♂️

YouPip is working!

Change your boot nonce to the one in your blobs incase you need to futurerestore!