Jailbreak tips

Is it signed? iOS 12.1.1b3.

You can check here made by 1conan

Flex 3 Beta works PERFECTLY on 11.0 - 12.1.2!

You can do practically everything Touchr does in Activator for FREE.

For example if you wanted a single tap on the touchid sensor to simulate a home button press do the following steps •anywhere•scroll down to "touch id fingerprint sensor"•single press•system actions -> home button bonus: if you want to make it vibrate every time just search vibration and choose the one you would like. you can have multiple actions occur on activator which is why that works.now single pressing your touch id sensor will act as a home button press.sorry to the dev of Touchr ;-Ptl;dr: activator is a very detailed tweak and you can do a whole lot of shit with it. including recreating tweaks by activator actions. i saved you $2.

For those having camera respring/reboot issues.

When I would use the camera and leave it in the switcher my iPhone would go into a respring loop if I opened the camera quickly after unlocking my device.Since installing CloseCam again (like on ios11) I haven’t had this issue.https://julioverne.github.io/Seen users struggling with this one so I hope it helps some.

If someone wants to downgrade substitute and tweakinjekt: here are the .deb files. I saw many people asked for them...so here they are.

Installing with Filzahttps://raw.githubusercontent.com/ElectraJailbreak/electratools/85b361827bfebe4512572a1bef7bac0a17b001bd/debs/org.coolstar.tweakinject_1.0.6_iphoneos-arm.debhttps://raw.githubusercontent.com/ElectraJailbreak/electratools/85b361827bfebe4512572a1bef7bac0a17b001bd/debs/com.ex.substitute_0.0.6-coolstar_iphoneos-arm.deb

Fixing Anemone (iOS 10.2 Yalu).

Loads of people updated Anemone and discovered a new error that was not there previously, to do with RocketBoostrap. Follow these steps:1. Add this repo: http://rpetri.ch/repo/2. Update RocketBootstrap via this repo (it may automatically appear in changes)I hope this helps since there are loads of new threads being made about this issue.

MyMusic+ is working on iOS 11.4.1. Get it from TheComputerWhisperer Repo

Use ColorShortcuts with Better3DMenus to make 3DMenus really better

If you are experiencing heavy battery drain, uninstall Snowboard.

I did not realize how much battery Snowboard was draining until I uninstalled it. My battery life is close to stock now!

How you can get free dark mode.

The only downside to this is that its not true black. If you want true black, you gotta buy Noctis and Eclipse.If you don't care about true black dark mode, you can get dark mode by installing Eclipse 10 (on the BigBoss repo) and Dune (skitty.xyz/repo).Eclipse 10 is free but does have some bugs, for example, the 2FA code is not white but black making it unreadable unless you turn up the brightness.