Jailbreak tips

If you’re experiencing freezes or crashes while in YouTube, Safari and have MHB remove it.

Install iOS 9/10/11 - Untrusted Hosts Blocker instead haven’t had to hard reboot since. https://repo.thireus.com/People were telling me it was videosubscriptiond so I used the fix to remove it but it didn’t help removing MHB did. Hope this helps some of you out.

This simple Activator trick may solve a lot of problems.

What i have done with Activator is that i set it so it will restart my phone at 4:30 am. ******************************************************************** Restarting your phone once a day, can solve many problems.********************************************************************For all of you Touch ID people, install ByPass. And set like 5 mins after the time you set for the reboot. (i.e. 4:35, if the reboot is at 4:30). This is so you dont have to type in your password after the reboot. You can instantly use Touch ID!!!********************************************************************I hope this helps, as it has for me!

Liberty Light and banking apps jailbreak bypass.

From my own experience with a banking app that I use, I got it working with Liberty by1) uninstalling the app2) installing Liberty Light3) installing the app and not launching it4) enabling Liberty Light for the app in question5) launching the appPlease note that if you attempt to launch the app while not jailbroken, it will not work after it even if you jailbreak. You will need to reinstall it in while jailbroken, and making sure Liberty Light is enabled for this app.

Ipad 2 ios 5.0.1 coolbooter dual boot ios 7.1.2.

If anyone is trying to dual boot ios 7 and ios 5 in coolbooter you may be having some trouble. Ios 5 ssl certificates are not accepted by coolbooter.com repository. The repo will not add to the sources list. I have discovered a work around. You will need ifile. If you Google com.coolboter.coolbootercli a website will pop up called cydiaupdates.com. Download the coolbootercli 0.6 and open in ifile. Then use the install feature to install it to your device. It may fail and that's OK. It will tell you what packages and other dependencies that it needs to succeed and they can be downloaded from saurik's repo. After installing reboot and enjoy coolbootercli.

Get iPhone X live Wallpapers on any iPhone using Filza.

I don't know if this is widely know I just want to share it. To get the iPhone X wallpapers you can do it with Filza like this: 1. Download this2. Copy it and move it to /Library/Wallpaper/Motion3. Unzip it and move into the created folder4. Copy the desired Wallpaper packs (all 3 of each) and paste it into the iPhone folder5. (I don't know if it's needed) RespringIf you go now into the settings and check the Live Wallpapers everything you pasted should be there and 3D touch should work. Tested on an iPhone 8. If someone would be so nice and send me an archive with all iPhone XS live wallpapers I would be more than happy to update it.

Fix unc0ver b46 respring loops with Reload System Daemons on!.

Some people says SnowBoard is the problem and i just tried to uninstall it so see if that was the problem and i can confirm it doesn’t work - af least for me. This means that other tweaks than snowboard can cause the issue as well. BUT! I fixed it even with Snowboard installed and RSD ON! So here’s what you do:1. Disable Auto Updates2. Disable App Revokes3. Enable Refresh Icon Cache.4. And ofc turn on Reload System Daemons.5. Respring - Enjoy!

CarBridge doesn’t work with RocketBootstrap v1.0.7~beta5.

I was going bonkers as to why my CarBridge which was working perfectly fine suddenly started having issues. The video apps like Youtube won’t load on CarBridge. They’ll simply play in the background with a blurry screen on my AVN. Then I went into Cydia to figure out what did I recently installed which may have messed up with it. Only to find out I’ve done nothing but upgraded RocketBootstrap. I downgraded the RocketBootstrap to 1.0.7~beta3 and voila my CarBridge was back to normal again. Would the Devs either fix the RocketBootstrap issue in the latest beta OR upgrade CarBridge to work with beta 7. Thanks in advance. Cheers.

For who having sudden reboot on when jailbreaking Unc0ver b48 (M2).

After you do restart or hard reset for your idevice. Open Uncover app and wait for 1 minute then click jailbreak.

If u force Touch the rotation lock on flipSwitch inside a rotatable app it will lock the device to landscape