Jailbreak tips

If you get a broken control centre after updating. This is how to fix it.

Go to settingsControl centreDisable everythingInvoke CCClose CCAdd whatever you want back in.

Changing the Display Zoom does a respring when u change it. Use this if u side load with AltStore and don’t see the icon :)

AppStore++ FIX for A12 devices on 12.4.

Hey! For those of you that use AS++, download and install AppStore++ 0.9.5 Direct link: https://cokepokes.github.io/deb/com.cokepokes.appstoreplusplus_0.9.5_iphoneos-arm.debYou can use [[Filza File Manager]] to install the .deb manually.This will fix the App Store crash that occurs on 0.9.6 and newer.I think this may have something to do with the bugs we’re currently seeing in u0 so this may automatically be fixed when Pwn releases his u0 fixes - If not, 0.9.5 will work until/if Coke releases an AS++ update.

When looking for a clean colour for your wave in MitsuhaXI, look for the hex for the color of the app you’re using. This’ll give the app a much cleaner look.

A fix for alerts being unreadable due to eclipse and other dark modes.

First, download [[Palert]]. Then add this repo: “ auxilium.ml “. Now install [[0vigilate]]. This is the patch for palert to work on iOS 11 and 12. This will not fix the share menu but it will fix the alerts! Before: https://i.redd.it/tw4l5wg6tgi21.jpgAfter: https://m.imgur.com/a/mJjHkGx*sorry to the users who I promised I would write this up earlier for. I forgot to tag it and it got removed.

Use ColorFlow4 to fix Sylph on iOS 12! :) without colorflow4, the buttons aren’t visible on the lockscreen!

Temporary fix for anyone having overnight reboots.

Go into Safe Mode before you go to bed and just respring once when waking up. Use either [[ToggleSafe]] or [[PowerModule]] if you can find any other tweak that puts you into safe mode, great! It worked for me last night, I used ToggleSafe.

Lockanim is causing a lot of people to have random resprings without it being detected in CrashReporter.

Just to let every know

If you get bootstrap error, use the "Restore RootFS (rec0ver)" option under settings