Jailbreak tips

Best Instagram experience: Full Screen Instagram on iPad.

These are the current latest versions of the app and the tweaks that are working perfectly on any iPad.​Instagram 19.0 (install it using AppStore++) It is lacking new features of Instagram, but still it is working perfectly. Newer versions have a bug with the stories. PerfectFit makes it look good and full screen on iPad. Go through its settings and chose Instagram from the list.​Tweaks:Rocket for Instagram 2.1.6libRocket 1.0.1PerfectFit (latest version is okay)​Rocket and libRocket are updated, but you need these old versions to have them work with Instagram 19.0. You can get older versions of these tweaks from https://www.ios-repo-updates.com/ and install the deb files using Filza​ENJOY !!!

Use Reduce Motion and faster animation speed to make your device feel more responsive.

Tested on iPhone 6, 10.2This replaces the dragged out, slow animations with a smooth and quick blur, while (probably) boosting the phone's performance! Nice way to keep older devices relevant. Reduce Motion is in Accessibility, and you need a tweak like HideMeX to adjust animation speed.

Remake of Tweak Cou iOS 11 - ForceButtons.

Hi guysjust be informed, that [[Cou]] was remade With [[ForceButtons]] you don‘t have to slide when your phone is ringing.Repo: http://joemerlino.github.io/repo

Now that 11.4 b3 is getting a JB don’t forget to save dem blobs!.

Check coolstars twitter for prooftutorial

Search for a Cydia package on Google.

Hey everyoneSo basically you need to type the tweak name on google and add "site:cydia.saurik.com" (without quotes)Example:> https://www.google.fr/search?q=site:cydia.saurik.com+AmaltheaYou can save the link to your bookmarks ifw.Hope this helps

If your phone is running hot and you're noticing extra battery drain, it may be System Info.

I installed System Info a couple days ago and I didn't really put two and two together till now because I had installed other tweaks the same day but my phone started running really hot after installing it, like 33-35C when it usually runs around 28-32C. But I just uninstalled it about 15 minutes ago and my phone almost immediately started cooling down and now it's back to normal.

If you get an error in Filza while extracting 7z files ,.

If u get could not decompress this file When extracting 7z files It's because Yalu have some signing problems with the 7z binary (and some others )To solve this Go to /usr/binAnd go to the 7z file and rename it to 7zo or anything Now under the 7z file you will find a file named 7zaRename it to 7z and now Filza will use 7za which doesn't have the signing problems

[Discussion] Success: Restore from 11.1.2 to 11.1.2 using FutureRestore v155 on iPhone 6s and 5s.

Hey guys!Many people would like to do a clean install of iOS 11.1.2 before the jailbreak is officially out.I decided to try and see if I could successfully restore to 11.1.2 and I did! I used futurerestore v155 because v157 was giving me issues, but thanks to ReiBoot I was able to keep trying!If v157 isn’t working for you guys, then use v155!The command I used:./futurerestore_macos -t (11.1.2 blobs) —latest-sep —latest-baseband (11.1.2 IPSW) WARNING: If you’re forced to restore to 11.2.1, it is not my fault! It may not work for you! But I don’t see why it shouldn’t! v155 worked great on both my 6s and 5s. Have a nice day!

Speed up animations system wide 11.3.1.

Since there is currently no properly working tweak for speeding up animations thought I’d share this. If you’re looking for a system wide animation for iOS 11.3.1 download ‘disable all animations on iOS 11’ and ‘animation speed iOS 11.3.1’ from flex3! Works very well for me on iPhone X 11.3.1 with reduce motion.

Make menus with Activator.

I have been seeing a lot of posts about people looking for tweaks that have menus (Example holding down power button to give you power options, sliding up on an application to open a menu, music options whilst connecting a bluetooth or wired device. So I just decided to make this thread to give some people who don't use activator to its full potential a little push in the right direction. https://youtu.be/kMPtmf9yuAoOf course you can switch what the menus do but in this video Im just pointing out how to make it so when you connect headphones, a music menu comes up with a couple apps to chose from. Activator needs more recognition. It is not just a dependency tweak guys!