Jailbreak tips

BiteSMS long hold on send button.

Just found this out don't know if anyone else is aware of it but incase you're having problems sending out via iMessage if you press and hold send you'll see a flash and it will send it over to normal text message.

Combining selectmoji and Barmoji will allow you to add charachers/symbols in the bar

U can have dark mood set to only CC with a single flex patch (link is in comments).

XPreeks G0blin Jailbreak may be slowing your device.

So, I have been having serious lag on my Iphone 5s 10.3.3 since jailbreaking with the first xpreeks ipa. I could not figure what was slowing down the phone. I performed every trick to improve performace, but no luck. I removed some tweaks like activator. It improved performance a little. So today I decided to try the Stickron RC2 and voila, phone is back feeling better and fasterThought I should share. Cheers

Is your YouTube history not updating even though it's enabled.

I had the same problem. I thought it had something to do with YouTube++ so I updated it and the app to the latest version but nothing changed. Turns out it actually had nothing to do with either of them. But the problem was my host blocker.iOS 9/10 -Untrusted Hosts Blocker by Thireus.So here's how to fix the problem:Go to the folder /etcOpen the hosts fileRemove the line0 s.youtube.comOr comment it out by putting a # in front of it.This will allow YouTube to contact the domain again, which's job also apparently is to keep track of your videos.This could also apply to different host blockers and not just to this one. So if you have a different host blocker installed check the hosts file.

For people using Protean and BiteSMS.

Protean can't move the BiteSMS status bar icon.If you want to have a message icon that you can place where you want first disable the BiteSMS status bar icon (in BiteSMS settings > more stuff). Then go to Protean settings, in the App Notifications section add in Messages, give it the icon you want.You will now have a message icon that you can place wherever you please.

Fixes for Reload System Demons causing respring loop.

These are not in anyway a permanent fix, but worth a try. Method 1: MOST EFFECTIVE1. Open unc0ver in non-jailbroken mode. 2. Open unc0ver and disable RSD(Reload system demons)3. Hit jailbreak.4. After successfully entering jailbroken mode open filza. 5. Navigate to /var/root/Library/Caches and delete com.apple.coresymbolicationd6. Open unc0ver and enable RSD. 7. Hit jailbreak. 8. Profit with RSD On. Method 2: 1. Enable Airplane mode2.Run unc0ver with RSD.3. Open unc0ver and enable RSD. 4. RE-JAILBREAK5. Done and disable airplane mode. Method 3: 1.Uninstall ANY HOST BLOCKER (including LetMeBlock)2. Always run in unc0ver in airplane mode. 3. Done. These fixes are what I personally tested kinda and they work. Hope this helps you guys.

I have deleted 2 repos one after the other without waiting Sileo to refresh, and Sileo crashed and deleted all my source . Do not delete more than one source without refreshing.

Unc0ver No Longer Freezing After Using Snapback.

I just downloaded snapback from Cydia, and restored to orig-fs which removed all the jailbreak tweaks and almost all the files created by them, then I jailbroke with the latest version of unc0ver, and I re-installed the tweaks that I had before, and now I am not experiencing freezes at all like before. Freezing had been a serious issue on my iPhone, but I am glad to see it gone, and I have seen many people facing it, so I just wanted to share this tip.

Letmeblock new version WiFi/cellular stop working then respring loop.

I don’t if this only happen to me or others have the same issue I upgraded letmeblock on my phone SE IOS 12.4 uncover 3.6.3 then WiFi and cellular stopped working and phone became laggy ... I tried turnoff/on the phone and WiFi work fine The phone was on respring loop and couldn’t jaulbreak . The way it worked is by turn off reload system Desmons , then turn off letmeblock dlib in iCleaner pro then respring , then downgrade to previous version