Jailbreak tips

If Apple ever screws up again, have the IPSW you're going to ready.

Translucency doesn't work properly on iOS 6, but it removes the horrible striped background

If you use electra from a signing service, block revokes using Filza.

A lot of signing services were revoked yesterday and many people couldn't open Electra mptcp anymore.This is because they abuse enterprise certificates and Apple revokes them. To prevent this from happening on the future we can block the server in /etc/hostsYou need to use Filza, or SSHWith filza:1. Open /etc/hosts2. Add " ocsp.apple.com" in a NEW line3. Save the fileWith SSH:1. printf "\n127.0.0.1 ocsp.apple.com\n" >> /etc/hostsIf your Electra was revoked already you need to delete it and install it again after your service added new certificates. To stay updated you could follow them on Twitter. Don't ask for their handle, please.

If you have ByeByeHUD installed on ios11, delete it.

Byebyehud works off of headers removed in ios11, causing an overflow of screen-wakes that will cause random springboard crashes, log is pictured Here

Combination Lock works on iOS 12! All you have to do is add “http://nexusrepo.kro.kr/” to Cydia and install “CombinationLockHelper” with it. Enjoy!

Tweak UX Developer Suggestion: Use [ - ][ + ] for intervals instead of sliders. Looks and feels 10x better. (Found this tucked away in Apple’s accessibility features:)

Serial Numbers with factory iOS 11.3.1 who wants to buy a new iPhone X.

Most of us may already know about reading serial numbers and determining the iOS versionBought 3 new iPhone X 256mb recentlyThe 4th and 5th letter of the serial numbers of the 3 phones come with these two codesWH - 11.3WL - 11.3.1Hopefully this will help someone out there :). The WH I’ve bought it 20 hours ago and luckily opened it and upgraded it to 11.3.1 before apple stopped signing a few hours agoBest of luck guys and girls :)

TvOS 10.2.2 is still being signed for Apple TV 4, compatible with backr00m jailbreak