Jailbreak tips

You can get ColorFlow 4 to work on iOS 12 Music app.

NiceBarX is a tweak for notched devices that indicates VPN, Bluetooth, ringer. You can customize just about everything, even move and replace icons, etc.

Don't rename setup.app.

I thought it would be a fabulous idea to rename Setup.app to Setup.bakk to prevent myself from getting the infamous update loop. This was a very bad idea. My XS Max is bootlooping and will not stop. Now you can downvote me and tell me it was a terrible idea to mess with system files, but I thought it would alright because I thought succession did this. In short, don't be stupid and lose your jailbreak over something stupid like this... I won't restore it until tonight, so let me know if anyone thinks they have a solution. I've already rebooted so there's not really a chance that my generator was saved, but whatever. I'm really bummed about this. Please help.

DO NOT install AppSync before it gets updated for iOS 11.

Once Substrate will be updated of course

300+ compatible iOS 10.x Tweaks/Sources.

Here is the link to 300+ iOS 10 compatible tweak and sources!https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14e9GB-PNhDJuKI799InVFWrUQc-qn-Wd3zRJHKGkKr0/htmlview

How To Increase Success Rate Of Unc0ver On iOS 12.

I have noticed that not only putting the device on airplane mode helps but also success rate increases massively when you clear all apps from the app switcher. So far I have seen 100% success rate when apps are all removed from the app switcher. No more spinning wheel and then reboot loop. Try it. It may help you too or it could be just me.

Reminder to change your user flair.

Hello, I’m just letting you know your user flair might be outdated and needs to be changed.Nothing else, have a great rest of your day!Also, feel free to comment below to test your user flair

Xen Lockscreen is free.

Https://ibb.co/kh6LfJIt's not available for iOS 11 but for those rocking 9/10 it's one of the best Lockscreen tweaks ever. Sadly that probably means that it won't be updated anymorerepo: http://xenpublic.incendo.ws/F ♿️

For those of you wanting to COMPLETLY uninstall Electra/Cydia do this as well!.

Apart from deleting any modifications outside of Library and MobileSubstrate and the respective files to go with (PreferenceLoader, PreferenceBundles) you also have your tweak preferences saved. Delectra wont delete these, nor will uninstalling substitute or anything. You must go into /var/mobile/Library/Preferences and delete all plists that arent GlobalSettings or com.apple.xxxx. I think there are some in there that may have weird names and I wouldnt delete those because Im not sure what theyre for. But most tweaks will have the name in the plist for the preferences. This will help for people who are trying to completely remove tweaks and their jailbreak in order to maybe fix a tweak that wasnt working before. Even erase all content and settings doesnt do this! Hope this helps if you fucked up a tweak or something.