Jailbreak tips

If you are planning a trip to Italy, here is how to have unlimited McChicken/CrispyMcBacon at McDonald's for € 1 instead € 4,50.

  1. Download Apps Manager from the repo (tigisoftware.com/cydia) and iCleaner 2. Install McDonald's app, create an account with fake data and e-mail.3. Reedem your 1€ McChicken/Crispy with the digital totem (DON'T zoom the qr code with a tap and start the scan)4. Wipe all data with Apps Manager, unistall the McDonalds app and run a full clean with iCleaner and do a respring5. Repeat #2 and #3 This trick works well everytime you want!

Do NOT Install AirBlueSharing Tweak on Your iOS 9.3.3 device. :(

Use SnapBack!! It makes life easier

The tweak “system info” lets you save blobs from your device! Swipe to the side on your ECID and the option comes up to save blobs! It works on iOS 11 and is on bigboss.

For anyone thinking about getting Kalm, just get it already

LockDroid is working pretty flawlessly on 12.1.1 b3 || source: julioverne.github.io/

Install apps without Computer on Electra Jailbreak.

Hi guys,interested on installing apps on your iPhone without PC? Easy steps___1.install Safari Plus from Cydia (personal preference not really needed!)2.install AppSync Unified (repo: http://cydia.angelxwind.net/) 3.install Ext3nder Installer (repo: https://midnightchip.github.io/repo/) 4.download any App from a website5.open the app in Ext3nder and hit install6.done___Please dont use it for piracy!

Install Rollectra and Filza now, BEFORE you break Cydia.

Way harder to get these essential apps working with Cydia broken. Install now and hide away for a rainy day!

Keep this in mind when using iCloud Erase.

Hello Jailbreakers,Just wanted to clarify this. You can only use iCloud Erase when you're on a Semi - Untethered Jailbreak!If you use it on a Untethered Jailbreak, you'll be screwed and will need to update to the latest iOS. Use SemiRestore or Cydia Eraser.

DO NOT rely on appelancy as a super secure way of unlocking your phone. I pointed at my siblings and it unlocked my phone. Please Test it out for yourself.