Top 10 Jailbreak tips

When a Jailbreak gets released publicly, wait a little before jumping on board if your not sure what you're doing.

This will allow more advanced users to be able to spot issues and find ways to get around them until they can be fixed or sorted out. Every year people run into issues even on the most simple of jailbreaks. It's best for users with little troubleshooting knowledge to wait till it's been covered and explored. Guides will come to help people get jailbroken and fix certain issues when they arise, it just takes a little time. While it's completely up to you when you jump on board, if you're unsure or have a history of losing your Jailbreak, patience might just be your best asset.While it can be released with no hiccups, that's unlikely and if you're a novice user you may not know how to fix it right away. You could risk your Jailbreak when the fix may be simple.

IOS 11.3 Beta 5 is still being signed. Go get it now before it’s too late. This is your absolute last chance.

It’s good enough. Go on and download the iOS 11.3 beta 5 update and install through iTunes. Shift+Update

Don’t forget to get TweakCompatible to mark tweaks as working or not on the iOS 12.4 jailbreak!

For those who have forgotton the restriction passcode on iphone.

I discovered this website by pure luck when I was googling for another problem. My restrictions passcode has always been on for several years now and forgot what the passcode was. This website worked like a charm for me. So if anyone that is jailbroken and forgotton the restriction code please give it a try

Do not download rootlessJB for 12.1.4.

I see many new Youtube Videos about rootlessJB 12.1.5 (v3.3) with Cydia!DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS!The videos are uploaded in the last days and in the comments you will read something like "works and tested".Liker here:​I looked into their "Patcher Programm" with VirtualBox and my Firewall goes crazy. You will get downloaded Russian Search Engines and Trojans in the background! Probably RATs also. So please dont do that. If you are on 12.1.4 you still can downgrade to 12.1.3 and use the official RootlessJB. Its not to late :)

Https:// is temporarily down, use cache://

How to Remove Lag when opening CC with Horseshoe installed. ( Toggle on this two options in Hideme x 10 In Control center section)

Used Futurerestore (Prometheus) to upgrade to 10.2 from 9.3.3 (JB) AFTER window closed.

I missed the signing window by an hour but had blobs saved for Wifi iPad Pro. Followed all the instructions--dependencies are a must. After awhile, successfully restored to 10.2. Had to jump through some hoops due to sloppiness but was very pleased with the result. Yes Touch ID works fine. Used a Mac. Let me know if you have any questions. One piece of advice: if restoring a Wifi-only device (iPad/iPod), be sure to bypass baseband install as that was throwing me an error and had me stumped for an hour. Summary: You don't need the .bbfw file for Wifi only models as Prometheus would throw a Data Assertion error if you specified one. Edit: Futurerestore v 89

You can change how the name of your Bluetooth device looks with "Textyle". Looks cool and everybody can see it (Airplay devices included)

HapticKeyboard + SmoothCursor on iOS 12 = typing pleasure.

Tried both tweaks together, work flawlessly. Currently on iOS 12.0