Top 10 Jailbreak tips

If you want to make a concept, redesign or anything thats on IOS 10 this is for you.

For those looking to see if your device can be jailbroken, refer to this chart-

NControl and CarBridge together to play games on your car screen.


Use Multiplexer! I'm lovin it!

For those Jailbroken and are crying foul of bad battery life please stop habit of closing all Apps in the App-Switcher it takes more power to load them back into memory when re-opening them again.

Title says it all

Disabling this Daemon for Log Dump will signifigantly help battery life!

Anemone slows down your phone, here's how to make is fast again, without removing it.

Go to iCleaner Pro -> + Sign -> Cydia Substrate Addons -> Disable all Anemone addons.Now enable ONLY: Anemome, AnemoneCORE, AnemoneICONS, AnemoneUIKIT, and AnemoneIconEffects.Now apply and respring.You can disable UIKIT if you want, but it will make some themes not work (clock icon wont work, rest will) NOTE; SOME FUNCTIONS OF ANEMONE WONT WORK, THIS IS FOR PEOPLE WHO ONLY CHANGE ICONS

Add these three domains to your adblocker to block Facebook Video Ads!.

I added these three domains into my adblocker and voila!! No more Facebook ads mid-video! I'm not a developer so hopefully someone can make a tweak for this! hope this works for everyoneProof