Jobs tips

Lean the chairs

If you’ve had a Roomba or other robot vacuum for any length of time, you’ve probably experienced it getting trapped underneath a chair. For some reason, robot vacuums have a hard time getting out from under chairs and this can mess up your entire cleaning schedule if you’re not there to rescue the vacuum. One of the simplest tips for Roomba and other robot vacuums is to lean your chairs against the wall so that only two legs are touching the ground. This trick will allow your robot vacuum cleaner to easily get around the chairs without ever getting stuck again. Another trick would be to turn the chairs upside down and place the seat portion on a table. It takes a bit more effort to do this but then your Roomba can clean every inch around where your chairs sit.

Create a virtual wall with shoes

If you have a higher-end iRobot Roomba, then it likely came with a virtual wall accessory. This virtual wall allows you to block the robot vacuum from going into certain areas of the house (e.g. a bathroom) or accidentally running into things (e.g. pet food bowls). But, not all robot vacuum cleaners come with a virtual wall. However, you can still get the same effect by using several pairs of shoes. All you have to do is set up a row of shoes to block off a location of your home that you don’t want the Roomba going. It’s that simple and free!

Maximize battery life

One of the top iRobot tips that people are looking for is how to extend the life of their vacuum’s battery. You can squeeze extra juice out of your robot vacuum battery by doing the following:

  • If your Roomba has a Li-Ion battery, store your robot vacuum with the battery still installed in a cool, dry place.
  • If your robot vacuum has a NiMH battery, remove the battery from the robot vacuum and store it in a cool, dry place. (NiMH batteries should not be left on the charger after being fully charged. Doing so can degrade its lifespan.) Another good tip here is to use your robot vacuum frequently. Robot vacuums deliver more cleaning jobs when they’re used regularly.

Turn off iCloud Private Relay for Wi-Fi

If you notice a major dip in data network speed following the iOS 15 update, you need to disable iCloud Private Relay for the Home/Work Wi-Fi. Simply open the Settings app on the iPhone, navigate to Wi-Fi > Wi-Fi network, and turn off iCloud Private Relay from the following menu.

Edit Date and Time in Photos

Not only can you check the image details from the Photos app, but also modify their date and time in iOS 15. You can select a single photo or multiple photos and select the Share menu. Tap on the Edit Date & Time option and change the date and time for the photo.

Change Per-App Text Size

In iOS 14, users could only change the system-wide font size. That behavior is changing in iOS 15. You can keep the text size change to a specific app only. Just make sure to keep the app open while using the Text Size toggle from the Control Centre.

Create Temporary New Email Addresses

Are you tired of using your primary email address for every website you visit? With the iOS 15, Apple takes care of this hassle. From the Settings > iCloud > Hide My Email menu, you can create multiple temporary email addresses to use. This is a part of iCloud’s Hide My Email function. Users can keep their personal email addresses private by creating unique, random addresses that forward to your personal inbox and can be deleted at any time.

Access Spotlight Search from the Lock Screen

Spotlight Search also gets a major boost with new features. Spotlight uses intelligence to search photos by location, people, scenes, or objects. Using Live Text, Spotlight can also find text and handwriting in photos. Spotlight now offers web image search and all-new rich results for actors, musicians, TV shows, and movies. The good news is, you can access all these goodies right from the iPhone lock screen. Use the same swipe-down gesture from the lock screen, and Spotlight Search is ready to serve you.

Use Magnifier App

Need to zoom in for specific details using iPhone? You no longer need to open the Camera app and use digital zoom. iOS 15 now comes with a new Magnifier app. As the name suggests, you can use it to zoom in on elements, text, use a bunch of filters, flashlight, play with the brightness slider, and more.

System-Wide Drag and Drop

You really need to use this trick in person to check its awesomeness. You can long-press any image/video/file from one app, open another app, and drop it there. Keep the content pinned using one hand and open another app using another finger and drop the content. It works seamlessly across Apple apps. For example, you can select a photo from the Photos app and use the drag and drop method to attach it to an iMessage conversation.