Life tips

How to Make a Cookbook Holder

Use this amazing life hack to hold your cookbook in the kitchen. All you need is a clip hanger.

How to Keep Your Valuables Safe at The Beach

Just clean out an old bottle of lotion and use it to store your phone, keys, and money.

How to Identify Keys More Easily

Never fumble around looking for the right key again with this simple life hack. All you have to do is paint the tips of your keys with different colored nail polish.

How to Fix Your Flip-Flops

Don’t throw away flip-flops with split holes just yet. Use a bread clip to prolong their life.

How to Clean Your Shower Head

This cool life hack can help you to save time. Pour some vinegar in a bag and tie it around your shower head. Come back the next day and it’ll be clean as a whistle!

How to Carry Grocery Bags

Fed up with grocery bags cutting into your hands? Use this cool life hack instead and clip them to a carabiner.

How to Iron a Shirt with Buttons

Make ironing easier with this simple life hack. Turn your shirt inside out to iron over the buttons easily.

How to Create an Ice Pack That Won’t Drip

Use this simple life hack to avoid drips. Put a wet sponge in a sealable bag and freeze it.

How to Stop Kids Falling Out of Bed

Four words: fitted sheet, pool noodle.

How to Cover Up Wooden Furniture Dings

Get a couple of walnuts and rub them on damaged wood to cover up the scuffs and dings.