Life tips

If your heat isn't working, first make sure your air intake and exhaust are not iced over. My furnace wasn't blowing hot air this morning. Turns out, my air intake was iced over. Fortunately, I was able to pull out the metal rodent screen and now it's working again.

Another grammar tip: Who=He, Whom=Him.

I posted this a while ago, and when I saw the other grammar post (I vs. me), I decided to post this.I'm not 100% sure this works every time, but I know it works at least most of the time.Here's what I remember: Who = He, Whom = Him****Who took the trash out? He took the trash out. To Whom is this letter addressed? The letter is addressed to him.This is a good rule of thumb. If any grammar experts want to make a point, reply or send me a message and I'll edit this post.EDIT: I see that some people are getting a little confused.You don't say "To whom is the letter addressed? To him is the letter addressed."This tip only deals with deciding who vs. whom; you must still change word order.

Remove all the text of the bookmark tool bar shortcuts. Leaves compact easy to use icons.

Measure the length of your dominant hand, from the tip of your middle/longest finger to your wrist and memorize it.

That way, if you need to measure something but you don't have a ruler, you can easily figure out an approximation.

Easy tip to help clean up broken glass.

This only works well on hard surfaces and works best if the glass is transparent:**After picking up the largest and most obvious pieces of glass, grab a flashlight or turn on the flare feature of your phone's flash. Turn off the room's lights and hold the flashlight at ground level, parallel to the floor, and shine it across the room. The tiny shards you missed will catch the light and glint, making them very easy to spot. Use a damp paper towel to wipe them up. Teamwork definitely makes this more efficient, but doing this will make sure one of these doesn't end up lodged in your foot.Edit: I suppose I should add that I do take a broom or vacuum over it first, but even after that, I find that it's hardly a sure thing.

Run a magnet from the base of a screwdriver to tip to make it magnetic, run it tip to base to reverse it.

Works well with smaller screwdrivers that often don't come in the magnetic variety.

To easily split a restaurant bill, use the following formula: (total cost of your food items without tax or tip)/(subtotal)*(grand total).

This works because (total cost of your food items without tax or tip)/(subtotal) is equal to the percentage of the meal your items accounted for. Multiply that percentage by the grand total and the result is exactly how much your food items costed including tax and tip.

Remember tip-of-the-tongue names / words.

I’m not sure if this is something known, but I have been using this trick I came up with to remember names or words that my brain fail to retrieve when I need it :)Basically, I go over the entire alphabet in my mind and, for each letter, I try to remember the name I want assuming it starts with that letter. You just have to stay like a second in each letter, if you can’t remember it, than it’s the wrong letter and you can go to the next one.Almost all the times I have tried it, I was able to instantly remember the name once I got in the right letter. The times I didn't remember was because I actually didn't know the word in the first place.As a computer scientist, I find this amazing.

If you are utilizing a "To Go" from a restaurant, give the person you interact with a tip. They are hurting really badly now and even a couple dollars can help.

Need to answer a phone call on your touch-screen phone but too lazy to take off your gloves? Use the tip of your nose.