Life tips

Become an Active Participant During Events

• Events are always available for players looking for a big challenge that gifts them with a huge amount of rewards. These special events tend to pit you against powerful bosses and other survivors. Just click on the “Daily” tab in the top right corner of the screen to get an idea of what events are currently underway. You should upgrade your survivor a bit before you even attempt to take on your first World Boss or PVP event.

Recover Your Goods ASAP After Dying!

• Like most survival games, you can collect all the items you’ve lost after dying. You should always make it a priority to get all those goods back. Just check the mini map in the right corner of the screen and look out for the backpack icon. This icon represents the last place you perished and where you can find your backpack full of collected items.

The Benefits of Outdoors Cooking

• Whenever you come across a Petrol Barrel, you can use it for your outdoors cooking activities. Make sure you gather enough wood before you start cooking up a dish – you’ll need that wood to help ignite your custom cooking area. • Mastering different types of simple recipes from your time spent at a grill or a bonfire lets you cook them at any Petrol Barrels you come across. Cook any dishes that give you the stat boost your survivor needs at the moment. The dishes that tend to give you the “Allay Hunger” boost is always good to munch on before and during your travels.

Don’t Forget to Eat!

• Collecting and eating random scraps of food should always be a priority while you’re out exploring. Eating helps keep your hunger in check and makes your survivor far more efficient. The “Fullness” status effect increases your gathering and movement speed, plus it helps your survivor use less energy while they sprint. • Always make sure your survivor’s hunger meter doesn’t deplete to a dangerously low level. Oh and be mindful of your stamina, too. Swinging melee weapons and sprinting depletes it over time. Don’t let your survivor get too tired or they’ll become more open to getting killed by Infecteds.

Take Care of Your Canine and It’ll Take Care of You

• Your trusty dog companion not only notifies you of any imminent danger, it also collects various items for you. Whenever it runs off to another location, chances are high that it’s running off to pick up some goodies. Click on the dog icon in the left corner of the screen to see the items it managed to pick up (they can be collected from the “Pet Backpack”). Keep your dog well fed and it’ll make sure to stay loyal. A loyal dog is the type of dog that regularly gifts you with helpful items.

Be Aware of Bad Weather Status Changes

• The weather actually affects your survivor in a negative way when it changes severely. If it’s bright and sunny outside, you have nothing to worry about. Whenever it’s raining, your survivor can catch a cold pretty quickly. This severely slows them down and keeps them from sprinting. • It’s best if you stay during this change in weather. But if you’re desperate for some mushrooms, you can nab them in the starting forest area during a downpour. The evening hours tend to bring on the cold too, which can give your survivor frostbite and deplete their HP. For this type of weather change, keep a torch handy or snuggle up to a nearby bonfire to stay warm.

Perform all Sorts of Actions to Collect Survivability Skills Upgrade Points

• Gathering, crafting, and defending yourself awards you with points that can be put towards new skills in each area. These new skills permanently upgrade your survivor and increase their survivability factor. Click on the home button icon in the top left corner of the screen and click on “Abilities” to see the mastery points you’ve amassed in each skill area. • Just be as active as possible when you’re out exploring so you can make it back to your home base with a ton of mastery points in tow. A high Combat mastery skill should be your main priority, by the way. Once you unlock a permanent boost, you’ll need more mastery skill points and New Dollars if you want to upgrade them. It’s pretty easy to get that aforementioned form of currency just by completing Training missions.

Make Sure Your Base Features a High Point for Sniping

• Every survivor needs a home base. Thankfully, Life After gives you that option. As you construct its exterior and interior, your Manor level increases. Higher Manor levels unlocks more base building items that you can place within your home base. • Higher Crafting levels allows you to build those new items. Your home base is better off with a set of stairs that connects to a high perch of some kind. You can always rely on this vantage point to pick off any Infecteds that try to tear down your customized home. Crafting tons of defense items should also help you keep your base in tip top shape on a regular basis.

Explore the Great Outdoors and Gather as Many Crafting Resources as Possible

• Once you’re out in the open and not in any immediate danger, take your time collecting all sorts of crafting materials. While you’re on the way to your main mission’s location, stop and pick up everything you lay your eyes on. Once you build yourself a Pickaxe, use it to crush some rocks and collect stone materials. Move towards patches of grass to collect hemp. And make sure you cut down trees with your Axe so you can get your hands on some wood. These three materials tend to make up a lot of the items you need to craft during the early stages of your journey. The tutorial mission should give you a primer on everything you need to know on how to survive on your own. • To get an idea of the materials you’ll need in order to build certain items and where you can find those materials, click on the “Make” button in the lower left corner of the screen. Click on the “Formula Index” option so you can get an idea of every item that’s available for crafting. The “Simple Crafting” option is great for quickly producing the more essential weapons and healing items you’ll need on you at all times. Be on the lookout for firearm blueprints from fallen soldiers and any containers you may come across. Check the bodies of any Infecteds you manage to down for extra goods, too. And when your backpack is full, throw a few items that you don’t need into the special package you can leave for other players to retrieve.

Use Your Vacuum Attachments!

Use vacuum attachments to dust and clean the blinds, vents, cabinets and pretty much anything else you notice is dusty as you make your way through the house. This is great for a quick clean before guests come over. Grab those attachments and they’ll get the work done in a hurry! What are your favorite home cleaning hacks? Tell us in the comments!