Minecraft tips

Edit any Sim

You can easily change how any of your Sims look by just using this code. Type in the cas.fulleditmode code and make your chosen Sim change their outfit.

Teleport Sim

Another one of the best tips and tricks for The Sims 4 is the teleport one. To use it, you have to press the “Shift” key and click wherever in the map you wish your Sim to be teleported!

Disable your family’s Needs decay

If you want to make your family always happy, you can choose to disable the decay of their needs. It can be done by choosing the option from the mailbox.

Disable the world’s Needs decay

Extremely similar to the previous (and the next) one, you can also choose to disable the decay of the entire world’s needs. To do so, choose this option in the mailbox!

Disable the Needs of your group

Pretty much the same as the previous two, to disable the Needs of all the Sims in a group of which you’re a part, you can simply click on the mailbox and choose the correct option.

Max out your family member’s Needs

You can also easily max out the Needs of a member of your family member by clicking on your house’s mailbox and choose this option. Just a reminder that, for these tips and tricks for The Sims 4 to work you need the testingcheats true enabled beforehand!

Reset object

If you notice an object is having issues, you can press the “Shift” key and then click on the object with your mice. After that, select the “Reset” option from the menu.

Make an object dirty

If you want to make an object dirty for any reason (usually decorative), you can press the “Shift” key and then click on it with your left mouse button, to finally choose this option.

Clean an object

If you need to clean an object that’s dirty, whether by using the previous command or not, you can simply press the “Shift” key, click on the desired object and select this option.

Make a random Sim show up

Sometimes we might need that a random Sim shows up to help us out on something (even if that’s just for feeding our Cowplant). In such cases, you can type in the sims.spawnsimple code in the game console.